Mid Week Update Time!

Hello everyone!

Welcome to another installment of Mid Week Update Time with Marcin.  I can’t seem to get this mid week update out during the mid week.  I mean, theoretically Thursday is still in the middle of the week.  However, I really want to start making this update on Wednesday.  We’ll see if I ever get that to happen.  Until then, you’re just going to have to deal with me doing this whenever I get a chance to.  Oh well.

However, this week, we have some bad news and some good news.  Bad news first.   Bad news always first.  This post will not be full of pictures and fancy things because honestly, I don’t have the time to put something together in Paint.  I’m sorry Heaf, you’re just going to have to deal with it.  Good news is that there is a chance we can get you guys some free stuff sometime today, or tomorrow.  We’ll see when I get a chance to upload stuff, but I’ll leave a spot open so I can put a link in there later.  The demo I told you about on Monday?  Well, today, or tomorrow, you’re all going to get to experience it.  Sadly, this does not mean I got a host, or 80 dollars, or anything else.  All it means is that I am much more wily than WordPress thought.  I’m just going to Zip up and upload the demo files to some kind of internet depository.  Once that is all done and done, I can just link you guys.  You’ll have to download it, unzip it, and play it locally on your machine.  I’m sorry, but, until hosting is fixed, that’s really the best that I can do.  Anyway, onto some updates!

Hmm..  I don’t really have much to update.  I haven’t really had time to work as my girlfriend finally has some time off so my evenings are pretty full taking care of her.  However, even though I haven’t had time to program nearly as much as I would like to, or at all, that doesn’t mean no work has been done on SCO in the last couple of days.  I’ve been trying to figure out what to work on next, since there is still so much to do!  And in figuring out what I should do next, I have started doing more and more work into what I should be doing period.  I should be doing a lot.  In no particular order, here are the things that need to be done :

Laz0r turrets – Flak Turrets – Missile Turrets – Ammo types – Fighter Ship “turrets” – Salvage (all of it) – Fighter Ships AI – Command Center – Research – etc etc etc etc.

Lots to do.  In addition to all of that stuff within the game, there are a lot of “meta” projects that need to be started…

UI – Start Screen – Enemies – Combine every part of stuff into a working whole? – scores – controls – objectives – story – menus – appearance – sky boxes – 3d models for everything – textures for everything – etc etc etc.

Wow.  I have SOOO  much more work to do, its not even funny.  Well, its kinda funny, except for when you think of it.  And then its just depressing.  And to be honest, I really want to get this thing done before February 15th.  I doubt its going to happen, but, maybe a March release date. Maybe.  The February 15th goal is to see if I can get onto Kongregate into their Unity game development contest.  I doubt I’ll be done by then.  March time is still when I actually want to get a good playable version out.  Might not have everything I want by then, but, it should be playable and fun.  We will see.

Anyway, moving on.  Things you should look for on the site within the next month or so, or, before February 1st.

  • Some kind of meter that will tell you how much work I’ve done.  A simple percentage should be fine, maybe make it a fancy graphic of some sort of a thermometer or whatever, I dunno.  Or a Space ship being filled with deathknights.  Either way, that is something I want so people can at least see where I’m at with this thing.
  • Some kind of page that will list everything I have done or need to do, that is updated by me.  It sounds stupid, but, if I have it written down on the site I can actually make some sort of public declaration about what is actually done, or how done it is.  Everyone can see what is being worked on, whats done, whats not, etc.  Good for everyone involved.
  • More screenshots and demos!!  Its something that will be more and more possible with time as the game gets closer to completion.  As I have more stuff to actually show off that looks good, the more stuff I have give you guys to play around with.  And the more stuff you guys play around with, the more feedback I can get
  • Hosting / my own domain.  As I posted before its something that will make my life a lot easier.  I can actually put all the stuff I want on my site, rather than dealing with the limitations of this free wordpress blog.  It works fine for now, but, by months end I’m going to need something better.

Alright cats and kittens, that should do it for this weeks Mid Week Update Time.  Be sure to come back later tonight, or tomorrow as a safer bet, and download the demo.  Its going to be in a post of its own probably, for ease of download, but it really is “part” of this post.  And you guys should come back tomorrow anyway for our Feature Friday.  I don’t know what the feature is going to be, but, its going to be awesome.



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Weekend Update : 12-25-10

Hello and happy holidays!

Or Merry Christmas! Whatever you celebrate, we don’t discriminate here. NO ONE GETS UPDATES when its holiday times! HAHAHA!…. Anyway, welcome to the Christmas Edition ™ of the Weekend Update here at GBM Productions. We have some stuff to talk about, some stuff to kind of gloss over, and a sad story that affects everyone who comes here.

As many as you can tell, we didn’t have any updates since last weeks Weekend Update. And, I of course apologize. I can blame it on the holidays, family time, work, anything you want really. I’ll leave it up to you on what to blame it on. Either way, here is a clever graphic to show you what happened :

A pretty graph of my productivity.


So what can we learn about what happened from this graph?  Well, as you can see, a few days before Christmas productivity was at its normal level.  We got a lot done, but there was a snag somewhere.  And shortly before Christmas proper, you can see the productivity went down.  Fast.  But it picks up again after Christmas, so thats good, right?  I mean, here we are, after Christmas, and we have a new update!  Huzzah!

So what was accomplished since the last update… A lot, not a lot, and maybe something in between.  First of all, I finally finished the functions required for my space ship to operate successfully.  This means we have functions to… Turn left, turn right, turn up, turn down, spin left, and spin right.  EVERYTHING we need to get some kind of aiming going on.  So… I took this new found actual turning ability and made some sort of new found awesome aiming device.  Kind of.  I still need to figure out when I can call such a function and how it can be useful to actually aim.  But, for now, if I just leave it as is, it aims very well.  Its actually a much less problematic situation than I thought.  I have a secondary game object that aims at the target, ALWAYS.  That one I can just make aim without having to worry about physics.  I then have the spaceship which is always facing forward (what isn’t, am I right??).  Then, I simply take the difference between the ship rotation and the aiming rotation, and VIOLA! I have myself a nice little Vector3 variable that has all of the difference between the ship and the target.  Now, all I needed to do was make that variable (0,0,0) and the ship is aiming right where its suppose to be.  A few small tweaks and we end up checking to see if the difference . x variable is equal to the ship rotation . x variable.  If its off, i just call the turning functions and we turn turn turn until its right on, and then it stops.  Same with the  .y variable, and between that we have the left right rotation, and the up down rotation.  Spinning is independent.  Why?  Well, first of all, spinning is pretty worthless and having it be part of the calculation would bring in a lot of needless headache.  Plus, now I can focus all of my efforts from spinning on doing awesome things like barrel rolls.  Who doesn’t like a little barrel roll in their life??  Here is a nice snapshot of what we have :

Missing from this image : Spinning.


As you can see from this awesome representation of SCO…  We got turning, we got turning another way, and spinning.  Not pictured.   Anyway, lets get to the important part of this whole thing.  I made a demo!  A very simple demo, but a demo.  I spent most of the days before Christmas doing it, making a model, turning my turning functions into a workable demo that works with buttons.  And WHOOOOO boy, is it sweet.  WASD allows you to turn left, right, up and down.  Q and E spin you around.  I added some awesome other abilities such as pressing SPACE allows you to stop rotating, very useful.  Also, pressing CTRL gives you a boost forward (whatever forward is based on your turning) and pressing C stops your forward movement.  And, pressing R resets the ship.  Everything is nicely exported, got myself a html file with the javascript required to run everything, and a .unity3d file.  There we go, made something awesome.  Something I was going to share with everyone last week for Mid Week Update time.  However, as everyone can see, it didn’t go nearly as well as planned.


It turns out, my free wordpress.com blog doesn’t allow me to upload .unity3d files.  That is a big problem.  I can’t use a plugin or anything to make the whole thing run, but, I can easily put in the Javascript code in order to make everything work.  But no file.  So nothing works.  I tried and I tried and I tried, but I couldn’t do anything.  So you guys got no update, cause I was mad.  And I couldn’t give you what you so rightfully deserve.

On Sunday, last night, I had an idea.  I’ll buy a domain, get some hosting, and then I can place all the god damn unity3d files I want forever.  Put a wordpress script up on the site, just move everything over, BAM, playable demo for everyone!  Alas, I don’t have much money.  And this is where the trickery comes in.  BlueHost, which I was going to use before I got suckered with their promises of awesome, is a fucking pain.  And very nice about refunds!  So, good and bad.  Point is, go to their site. Go ahead.  Do it now.  I will wait.

Do you see how awesome of a deal that is?  6.95 for unlimited everything, good tools, good stuff I can use.  Even supports wordpress, so, I can just continue this same site.  Plus the price includes a domain, free set up, etc etc etc.  THIS IS AWESOME I thought.  Until I purchased it.  You see, they’ll tell you all over the place that its only 6.95 a month.  And they are somewhat telling the truth, as it is 6.95 a month.  BUT what they don’t tell you is that you have to pay for a year up front.  Yeah, they don’t really mention that anywhere easily seen on their site.  And when you order, they keep up this charade of its only 6.95 until after you pay them, only then revealing that you actually just paid them 80 some dollars.  It was a very sad day.  But, I was able to get a refund pretty quickly. Point is, once I have 80 dollars readily available, I will most likely host with them and everyone will get a demo.  Done and done.

Welp, thats all I have for everyone today.  Stay safe everyone, Merry Christmas, and we’ll talk again at mid week time.





PS :

In order to find out that bluehost will charge you way too much, from their site :

Click “Help Center”

Click “Browse Knowledgebase”

Click “My Account / New User”

Click “Hosting Prices”

And in their little chart of how much money they will steal, er, charge you, you find out the truth.  You pay up front.  Very sad 😦

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Weekend Update : 12-18-10

Hello and welcome to another brand new week here at GBM Productions.

And, as every new week comes, I am bringing you this weeks Weekend Update so everyone knows whats up and what all happened.  And boy, has it been a busy, and exciting, weekend!  Read on, royal reader, read on.

So, lets get this post started right and address the elephant in the room.  Ludum Dare #19….

Sad Kitten is sad.

This is a sad Kitten because Marcin didn't participate in Ludum Dare #19.

It was barely my fault though!!!  The competition started on Friday night, and I wasn’t able to actually start game programming until Sunday morning.  By that point, even though I had an idea for the theme (Discovery) I just didn’t have the actual man hours to get it done.  Plus, Saturday was a very lovely day spent with my Girlfriend which ended in me being sick come Sunday.  So there you have it, sick + not enough time = no Ludum Dare entry this time.  I’ll get the next one around, maybe.  But, we can’t just leave everyone upset without some sort of good thing, so I figure I might as well tell you about my game idea for the contest that never actually got done :

You play a single, colorless sphere.  And you roll around!  Roll Roll Roll.  As you run into other spheres of different colors, you combine into a single sphere you then control.  Pick up a bunch of stuff and become red, then roll roll roll and pick up a bunch of spheres and become blue + red, then so on until its blue + red + green and you become… WHITE!  (for all the colors together make white, I hear).  Then at the end it zooms out and you were playing an explanation of a father to a son about how color works.  Something like that, basically, was my idea.  Add some small platforming, correct color order and add some points, and you got a game about discovery.  I think.  Let me know what you think!

Well then, what did I accomplish this weekend in terms of game programming?  Since I obviously lamed out and didn’t do a Ludum Dare entry as originally planned.  Well, I did some very sweet work on SCO and the good news is, I think I may have figured out how to do what I wanted to!  Kinda.

Lets start at the beginning.  After running into a number of problems with my missile velocity measurement, I decided to just forget that for now and focus on making my little fighter ships using a box and some physics.  Turns out, its really hard to make an object use some sort of AI that only applies forces, rather than actually changing the direction / place of the ship.  So I did everything in parts.  First I added some sort of acceleration, and a take off, and a boost.  So it can get up to speed fast, maintain the speed, and use a speed boost when the actual speed of the object gets low.  THAT part worked pretty well.  Soon I had a box that could go WHOOSH and go flying off in a direction.  After that, I decided to get into the heart of the matter, the most important part of this flying space fighter ship extraordinaire!  Aiming.  Haha…

It turns out, aiming at something using physics is a lot harder than originally anticipated.  Its because unlike the turrets which I can actually just turn toward my target, the space ship needs to do everything with physics or else it won’t look / act very good.  And turning with physics means… torque.  Applying torque across an axis to turn.  I can apply torque left, I can apply torque right.  Up, down, forward, back, every which way.  I can add some torque.  This means… spinning my ship is very easy.  So what happened?  Well, I had a completely sweet box that could turn randomly as it flew in one direction.  NOT QUITE the awesome fighter ship that I had imagined.  The whole acceleration thing once turned and actually turning towards a direction I can work on later, but for now, my main goal was to get it to aim.

So I tried all kinds of things to get it to turn, I found some code online but that didn’t really work as well as I had hoped.  It would turn me toward my target but then just kind of wobble back and forth around it.  Never actually lining up properly.  Not to mention that adding torque one way then another just played havoc on the physics, turning the ship all sideways and weird.  And I think were was some issues with there code where it could turn the back of the ship toward my target and not the front.  Point is, it was all a mess.

But good news!  Sunday night, as I was struggling on making heads over tails (pun, maybe?  for the spinning?) of all of this, I had an idea.  And I tested my idea.  And it worked!  Check it!

If my ship is looking straight ahead, and the target is to the right, I can apply torque moving right.  The problem before was that it would very much overshoot my target as it rotated.  But, I learned a neat trick wherein if I turned off Angular Drag, I could control how much turning my ship could actually do.  So, I can apply a torque to turn right, say, 5 times, and if I applied a torque turning left 5 times, my ship would stop rotating.  And there you have it, thats exactly what I needed.  A way to apply negative force to stop my ship from spinning.  And boy, does it work!  Having added a “stabilize” function to my code, and some very clever variables that keep track of how many times I add torque in a given direction, I am now able to stop my ship from rotating at any given moment.  HUZZAH!  EPIPHANIED!

Well, kinda.  I can turn it left, right and stabilize.  I can turn up, down, and stabilize.  And, I think, between those two things I should be able to aim at any point in space.  Next up on my aiming train : Getting the direction it should be turning as the angle between the ship’s forward, and the up axis and the right axis.  This way, I can use my awesome torque ability to turn it toward the target in one direction, then in the other.  And together, we will have a ship that can look at the enemy.  Thats my plan for the next few days, and once its figured out it should be easy enough to figure out acceleration.  Maybe.  We will see, but for now, thats where we’re at.

Thats all for the weekend update this week folks, I hope you enjoyed my explanation of my problems as much as I did.  I find writing this stuff down really helps me keep track of where I am.  Come this weeks Mid Week Update Time, I’m hoping to have some awesome things for you cats.  Things like a scan of my notebook where I am keeping all of the ideas of what needs to be done.  Also, maybe, an actual playable demo of some part of the game.  We will see.  If anything, there will be screenshots or maybe a video of my space fighter ships in action.  I hope!

Have a good week everyone, we’ll talk again soon.



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Feature Friday : Missile Turrets



This week’s Feature Friday comes to us from the great space of the future, where missile turrets are in SCO and working totally awesome!  Unfortunately, they are not there yet 😦  Though if you recall, our missiles are working quite well by themselves.  There is even a screenshot in the last Mid Week Update Time post.  I’ve run into some issues with my missiles as opposed to my other targets so far, as well as my ammo for the regular turret.  Everything else is using physics to move around and fly and stuff.  The Missiles, in order to create the effect I wanted, do not use physics.  However, this is causing a number of problems because my target tracking uses the velocity of a physics object.  Since missiles aren’t physics objects except for collisions, they aren’t updating the velocity as well as they should.  This is a big bummer, since I can’t show you my awesome machine gun turret tracking missiles.  But, really, you don’t want your machine gun turrets shooting down missiles, so I have some time to figure out a better way to hold velocity information.


But as always, thats a tangent.  The real reason everyone (what, all 3, maybe 5 of you?) is here is to hear about the Missile Turrets.  And boy, are missile turrets awesome.  Primarily a defense against fighter ships launched by the enemy, and occasionally against capital ships, Missile Turrets are more defensive than they are offensive.  I know what you’re thinking, how can shooting a self propelled mass of explosives at something be defensive?  Well, its simply because they are there to destroy fighters and moving targets.  They track for a reason, and can hit targets, trust me.  Boy, can they hit targets! its actually quite awesome, cause any direction that the missile may be moving to begin with, and it is ALWAYS moving forward (unlike fighter ships which are able to stop and turn on a dime), they turn toward the target in a sweet way and usually hit it.  Usually.  Maybe.  Most of my tests have been against spheres falling with gravity, so the missile hits that.  We’ll see what happens they are going against a moving fighter ship that can turn and dodge.  Hopefully the resulting mishmash of movement will be awesome.

What about the turret itself?  Is it as sweet as one imagines it to be?  Well, yes and no.  Unlike the machine gun turret, the Missile Turret doesn’t really track targets and apply lead time, or turn, shoot in different directions, etc.  It just basically exists, is reloaded, and fires a missile every few seconds.  I don’t know how many seconds yet, as that will all be figured out once everything is being put together, but I can’t imagine it would be more than 1 every 5 seconds or so.  Also depends on how many “enemies” you will see on screen at any given point.  Really, I can’t commit to any kind of firing speed at this juncture.  Just remember, when the enemy starts launching lots and lots of fighters at you, missiles are your best friend.  Because think about it..  If you are sitting on a place, and there is a freakin space bomber coming your way, what would you rather have?  A machine gun, or a missile launcher?  The answer is missile launcher.  Really, it is.


So, as before, lets talk about what kinds of cool stuff you can upgrade on the Missile Turret..

Ammo Capacity – How many missiles can you fire off before you have to reload.  The more the better, obviously.

Ammo Type – Faster missiles, slower missiles, better tracking, less better tracking.  All kinds of options.  EMP missiles, multi missile missiles, etc etc etc.  All good for certain situations, though it will all make much more sense once you see SCO in action.

Firing Rate – self explanatory.

Missile life span – They don’t go forever, eventually they’ll stop tracking and just go off and die on their own.  Prolly better that this is longer, no?

Fire Amount – Like firing rate, but double!  Fire two missiles at once.



And of course, as everyone can already imagine, there is some sort of tracking business on the Missile Turret itself.  This means that it tracks the closest target at any given point.  Keep in mind that it is mostly tracking fighter ships, but, just for everyone to be happy, I’ll put in some sort of check box where you can select what each turret shoots at.  If you want it to shoot at capital ships instead of fighters, well ok, you have that option.  If you want it to shoot at flak rounds or other missiles… well, I probably won’t give you those options.  But we’ll see.


For now, this will have to do.  I have some more ideas for the missile turret I may touch on as I implement them, and you will most definitely see more about missiles as they are a big part of testing my fighter ship code.  Until then, please comment with what you like, don’t like, or want more information on.  The more I can get the audience involved, the more likely I am to do a good job.


Until Monday, have a good weekend everyone.  And wish me luck on the Ludum Dare this weekend, I’m gonna need it.




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Mid Week Update Time!

Hello all!

Hello, and welcome to our new..  Ok, you know the spiel by now.  New feature, on Wednesdays.  Maybe. Called Mid Week Update Time.  Why not just Wednesdays, as it would make most sense with other updates being Monday and Friday?  Really its because I’m lazy, and I don’t know if I’m going to have a mid week update on Wednesday.  Some weeks I may be more excited and productive and update on Tuesdays.  Some weeks it will be Thursday, and y’all can’t yell at me because its mid week still.  But enough about why its called what it is, thats not important.  What is important, is the updates that will come during the mid week.

EDIT  – It appears that I called that like no bodys business, I didn’t post this yesterday as I had originally planned.  But it was because I got caught up in SCO production, not cause I’m lazy.  Thats good!  So, I am going to post this as it is today, and later tonight add on some screen shots and some video, just for everyone!

And I have decided that mid week is the best time to give you FREE STUFF!

Yes, free stuff for everyone who comes.  Anyone at all.  If you came to the site today, you’re getting free stuff.  If you get a friend to come by, they’ll also get free stuff.  Free stuff for everyone!

Ok, thats a lie, you’re not really getting free stuff.  You’re getting rights to use stuff for the length of time that you’re here, but thats basically the same as getting stuff, right?  And it is free.  Well, free in the monetary sense.  You still have to spend time and effort to get access to the stuff.  Man, this free stuff deal doesn’t sound nearly as awesome once you put all the caveats in there.  Its ok though, cause this week we got some awesome announcements (just 1), some screen shots of what I’ve been working on (4) and maybe even a video or two of the turret in action.  We’ll see how generous I am feeling about the stuff by the time I post this.  Plus, I’m going to be awesome and give you the “over the shoulder” feel for all the stuff this week, where all the videos of the SCO in action will be taken via mobile phone then uploaded to YouTube.  None of that screen capture fancy shmancy stuff.  Good ole fashioned video recording.  I considered busting out the ole VHS camcorder then converting it to digital, but that would take way more time than I am willing to put in to make a video look crappy.  And it has to look crappy, or else no one will ever say,”Marcin!!!  Get us better footage we want to haaaaaaaaaaave it.”

So, with further delay, there will be screenshots and such posted later tonight 🙂

EDIT – Here are some screenshots!!!

Probably not as exciting as everyone thought.  But wait until you see it in action, it makes a lot more sense.  In the missile screenshot, I added 4 missiles with various rotations that all converge on a single sphere (the thing that looks like a sun) as it falls.  In the turret screenshot, you can see the turret (placeholder) on the bottom left, with a yellow line that is “targetting” the closest enemy, in this case the falling sphere.  You can also see that the projectiles (here in white) are leading the target so that they will hit, even though the sphere is falling.  I hope you enjoy!


In other news, I have an announcement!

This weekend, or at least the 2nd half of it, I am going to be participating in the Ludum Dare competition.  It is a 48 hour game development competition based on one theme.  Since I am busy Friday and Saturday, I will only be putting in 1 days worth of effort.  However, this will hopefully be a learning experience and I will get much better at programming and asset creation as a result.  Stay tuned, as our weekend update next week will be all about what I did, and prolly didn’t do, for this event.



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Weekend Update : 12-11-10

Haha.. 12-11-10. Nice.

Hello and welcome once again, to another new weekly feature here at GBM Productions. This one we’re calling the Weekend Update. We being me. I’m kind of like multiple people cause I talk to myself. But thats neither here nor there. Weekend Update is our new feature where every Monday, I’m gonna talk about all of the awesome stuff that I did this weekend. Now, as always, no one cares about my personal life or the crap I had to endure for any given weekend, so this feature will focus on what I did for my current production. In this case, as always.. SCO!

So, what did I do in the world of SCO this weekend?
(dramatic pause for as long as you see fit. I recommend under 5 seconds)

Ha, I am a kidder. But seriously though, I didn’t do any game development this weekend. Why am I putting on a new development blog post when I didn’t do anything? Cause being the clever monkey that I am, I might as well take this time to update you on all the things I have done for SCO over the last few weeks before I had a blog. That way, even though I did nothing, you can hear about the latest and greatest developments in this beast of a game. And Whooo boy, are there developments.

So you know about the Machine Gun Turret, right? Well, that’s been done and is working now. Well, working is a very loose word in this case, but it does everything its suppose to. I might, and by might I mean most definitely will, have to go back and edit it a bit as I get better with the programming. I think it can be done better. Also, though the gun currently fires as often as it has bullets, I haven’t even begun to think about how I’m going to implement reloading and all of that good stuff. But, that can be saved for another day, for now, its shooting as its suppose to.

Other news, I made a missile! Just one missile. That tracks targets, even while they move! Its very sexy. Its actually quite nice, since its just a script I can put on the object. So once I get a real missile mesh in there and put the tracking script… BAM, missile. I also added some cool things to it, since it turns out no one wants a missile that always hits, and no one wants a missile that never hits. Its a very fine balance. We don’t want the missile to always be on target cause it will hit and though that is deliciously awesome, it doesn’t look very well. When you think of SPACE MISSILES you think of contrails and big swirly flight paths that eventually hone in on the target. Or are dodged. Who knows!? So, I made this awesome code that if the missile is far far away, it tracks slowly, and carefully, causing big arcs as it moves. BIG SWEEPING ARCS. Its awesome. Then half of that distance, it tracks faster. Half of that distance, it tracks faster. The loops around the target getting smaller and smaller with distance to the target. And once its really close…. it just tracks so fast its a guaranteed hit. Though I did notice that before this magical always hit threshold, it still tracks slowly enough that there is a good miss chance unless it gets close. Its pretty sweet overall. Plus I added some clever things so that if it the target gets REALLY far away the missile vanishes. Plus, the missile has a lifetime so if it doesn’t hit, and doesn’t get too far away from the target, it will, eventually, run out of fuel and explode.

So thats the update for this weekend. And previous weekends, I suppose. Point is, you are now aware of what has been done so far. This week’s big production… Fighter Ships. Gonna be awesome. Just gotta make sure they can find the target, they can shoot at the target, and most importantly….. not get hit by anything. Thats gonna be my favorite part I reckon, making the fighter ships do sweet barrel rolls and stuff to avoid getting hit. But really, its gonna mostly be AI programming for the fighter ships, and its gonna be sweet. Stay tuned to this station for more updates as they develop (aka I develop them).

Also, come back this Wednesday for a new feature (making it 3 per week, which should be plenty to whet everyones appetite), which I am going to call… I don’t know yet. But its gonna be sweet. Wednesdays are gonna be the best days for you people because I think I’m going to start posting screenshots, videos, and eventually gameplay esque tech demos.

But do come back Wednesday, cause if this stuff doesn’t appeal to you, I’m going to have a special announcement you won’t want to miss. Really, its gonna be epic. Not only the announcement will be epic, but also you should see results from the announcement within a week, which is even more awesome than the Sneezing Panda.



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Feature Friday : Machine Gun Turrets

Hello all!


In the spirit of getting regular updates to my loyal, subscribed readers (aka Bill and Mer), I am now starting my new weekly feature called…  Feature Friday.  Every Friday, I’m going to put a slightly more detailed post about a given feature of my current game.  This week, and most likely every week for a while, its going to be about SCO.  Cause SCO is the only game in development by GBM right now.  And most likely will be until its projected release in Marchish time.  Is that a real release date!?!?!?  An EXCLUSIVE tidbit of information?  Maybe.  We’ll see what I can get done by March.  Anyway, onto todays Feature Friday!


Machine Gun Turrets

Since the dawn of man, the machine gun has been king.  I remember the olden days when Shoguns would summon forth their great Repeat Fire Automated Rifle Turrets to the battlefield. One of the greatest inventions of our race, older than time itself.  Kind of.  That doesn’t matter since SCO is set in the future, where machine gun turrets will be your first and most likely greatest ally against the enemies you are facing.  So lets go over some of the features of the Machine Gun turret, what it can do, what it is best against, and why you should care about this, the most simple and effective of your arsenal against evil.


First, Machine Gun Turrets fire a steady stream of projectiles at your target.  That is basically what they do, at all times.  PEW PEW PEW except instead of lasers, its some sort of future ammo.  Depleted Uranium Shells or something, I don’t know yet.  SCO is still in the technical design and testing stage. But the point is that these turrets are rapid fire, moderate damage per projectile, with a pretty good range.


How do they work?!? you may ask.  Or not.  Well, to be honest, first tests of the Machine Gun Turret were less than stellar.  Very quickly was I able to adapt them to fire at a target with some sort of ammo.  Turns out, firing directly at an enemy is AWESOME…. providing the enemy isn’t moving.  Physics say that if time exists, there is no way you’re going to hit a moving target by shooting at where it is. Thats just a fact of life.  But, new advancements in Machine Gun Turret code have allowed the turret to be better than ever.  With a separate tracking component, I was able to bring in lead time.  Now, depending on the speed and direction of my target, the turret is actually capable of hitting it.  Not 100% of the time, since outside factors can influence movement, but enough for it to actually make sense.  And thus, our Machine Gun Turret was born!  I put in some code to limit the range, to limit the rotational angle of the turret (so that it doesn’t accidentally shoot straight through your home base ship), more targeting.  As a workflow, its simple yet awesome.

A simple Machine Gun Turret consists of two important pieces.  Targeting and firing.  And they have to be separate so that we can target stuff, and we can shoot at stuff.  As a workflow, the targeting finds any targets within its range and angle, so already you cut out every other target on the game world that the turret would never hit, and just focus on the ones that are in front, and close enough to be hit.  Then it cycles through all of these targets and finds the closest target available.  Once a target is set, the firing code takes over and goes POW! POW! POW!.  Bam, in theory dead target.  Two barrels alternating shooting at the target that is currently set.  As long as we have bullets.  Oh, I didn’t tell you you have to worry about bullets?  Well you do, shit doesn’t grow on trees.  You can fire for quite a while, but once you’re out of bullets you’re gonna have to reload from your reserves.  These are big numbers, so its not like it’ll happen very often.  But you don’t want to be in a firefight when you realize you have no bullets.


So thats how the turret works, what about the other cool things you can do with it.  We know it finds targets, and it shoots at them, and it actually hits them.  How can we turn this mild mannered Machine Gun Turret into something more awesome?  UPGRADES!  Thats right, use your collected scrap to upgrade your turret.  Possible upgrades include…  But are not limited to..

Different Ammo – EMP rounds, armor piercing, explosive, all available for a small scrap cost!

More barrels – shoot more projectiles!  Sure you’ll use up ammo more quickly, but having more bullets out there can’t be a bad thing.  Keep in mind any projectiles that miss the intended target are still capable of hitting other targets that are stupid enough to run into them.

Increase Ammo Capacity – useful.

Better tracking – Faster, more maneuverable enemies mean more of a chance to miss, be more accurate with your shots.




And there you have it, the first Feature Friday segment is complete.  I hope you learned about the Machine Gun Turret and all of things that it can, and will, be able to do.  Any suggestions or critique please let me know, and as always, comment!




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New Blog

Hello everyone!

And Welcome, to Games By Marcin Productions.

I’m Marcin, and this blog is dedicated to my pursuit of gaming in my spare time.  No one cares to read what I think of gaming and the culture around it, so this blog has only one real purpose:


To give everyone a look into what I am doing here at GBM Productions.  In addition to my own development updates, I’ll be posting links to resources I find during the learning process and just give general updates on what I have done, and plan to do.  Of course, the other motive of course is to be accountable to a website so I don’t forget what I’m doing.  Therefore, without further wishy-washy promises of nothing, here is my spiel for the moment :

GBM Productions is a start-up, 1 person, indie, fun, game development company in which I, Marcin, do EVERYTHING.  Why would I do this to myself?  Its simple..  I have a job, a girlfriend, and a passion for gaming.  This means that between everything I do in my life, I don’t have time to maintain a production schedule with an outside programmer and or independent game development studio.  Its just not possible, and, I don’t want to put anyone through the trouble of depending on me.  I already know 3d modeling and animation, so I really just need a programmer.  But, Huzzah!, I am capable of programming myself it turns out.  So I decided to just say Fuck it dude.  I’ll make a game myself, from the assets to the programming to the sound.  It’ll take me some time, but I don’t have any deadlines to meet.  No other people to please.  Just me, myself, and my games.  Throw the label Games By Marcin on there, and you have this.


So, what am I doing at GBM Productions today?  Well, I have started development of my first game, tentatively titled Space Command One.  Actually, it was about 2 weeks ago, but I only now started this site, so we’ll get going on the right foot with some stuff to talk about right away.  Huzzah.

What is Space Command One, hereforth referred to as SCO…

SCO is to be a browser-based game within the Unity3D engine. A turret defense game.  With strong influence from Battlestar Galactica as well as the game Homeworld. Doesn’t that sound exciting to you all?  Its exciting to me.  Here is some more information about the concept.

Turret defense games are popular these days.  Very popular.  Its one of the most interesting new genres to come to browser based gaming in a long time.  You get yourself a route, a bunch of enemies of increasing difficulty, build some turrets, and hope the enemies don’t make it to the end of the route.  Very simple.  Further innovation has brought us games that get rid of the route, and just add a start point and end point for the enemies, with the route defined by turrets along the way.  Shooting the little buggers.  Death.

So, for SCO, I take the very simple aspect of tower defense games, add in a space theme, and move some things around.  Enemies spawn somewhere in the distance with one goal, to destroy your spaceship, the Space Command One.  In my notes, I title this ship HMS USS Space Command One NC-4460.  Thats beside the point.  We got enemies coming at your home base, and you build turrets to defend.  Build them on your ship, you see, so that the defense can happen. Put all of this in space, give the enemies full movement so they’re not stuck in a pattern, and you got yourself a single point being defended against countless enemies.  With your turrets.  Do you get it yet?

You get a number of turrets for your defense :

Machine Gun Turret – Fires a steady stream of projectiles at any enemies within range.

Missile Turret – Fires an occasional missile that tracks the closest enemy at the moment of firing.

Laser Turret – Occasionally fires a high-powered laser in the direction of the closest enemy, piercing it and any targets beyond it.

Flak Turret – Rapid fire, non tracking, explosive shells that create a barrier that any enemy would thing twice about going through.  Also useful for disabling enemy missiles!

Aircraft Launch Tube – Launches fighter ships of your own to destroy your enemies using awesome Pew Pew Pew.


And there you go.  I’m going to put in a sort of salvage system to get scrap from enemies you destroy, an upgrade research system for each turret, etc.  Very fun!


I think you guys get the idea for now.  I already have a good amount of work done on some aspects and I will be posting more information on what has been done and is in the plan soon.  For now, comment, and let me know you’re out there.




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