Current Game Progress

Space Command One – What needs to be done and the milestones associated thereto.

Last Update – 1-10-11

For Alpha – (21 / 33) – 63%

1. Machine Gun Turret

  • Basic aiming Code – Done!
  • Stand in model – Done!
  • Basic functional ammo – Done!

2. Missile Turret

  • Basic firing code – Done!
  • Stand in missile model – Done!
  • Basic missile tracking – Done!

3. Main Player Ship

  • Stand in Player Ship model – Done!
  • Turret location on Player Ship – Done!

4. Enemies

  • Stand in enemy model, 1 type of enemy, non combative for now – Done!
  • Basic enemy movement toward Player Ship – Done!
  • Enemy health and destruction code – Done!
  • Enemy resource code – Done!
  • Random location spawning – Done..ish?

5. Environment

  • Simple “space” skybox
  • Simple global lighting solution – Done!

6. Audio

  • Generic soundtrack
  • Generic sound effects

7. UI

  • Basic loading screen – Done?  Unity has its own loading screen for now..
  • Basic “start game” screen
  • Enemy health readout on enemies
  • Pause ability / menu
  • GUI resources readout – Done!
  • Quit ability

8. Gameplay

  • Endless “tunnel” of enemies flying at Player Ship – Done..ish?
  • Working Machine Gun and Missile turrets to destroy enemies – Done!
  • Basic resource system to build turrets – Done!

9. Controls

  • Clickable turret spawn points – Done!
  • Turret selection on spawn points – Done!
  • Pause / Resume ability
  • Rotating camera working – Done!
  • Clicking all kinds of menu options

10. Other

  • Initial code optimization for framerate
  • Initial “works all together” object properties and scale optimization
  • Site hosting / redesign

For Beta –

1. Machine Gun Turret

  • Real official turret model
  • Finalized aiming code
  • Working ammo types with different properties
  • Changeable properties for turret / ammo
  • Optimized properties of the turret for actual gameplay
  • Icons / Infographics for UI
  • Damage model
  • Working turret spawn and construction
  • Ammo type reserves, depletion, reloading

2. Missile Turret

  • Real official turret model
  • Real official models for each type of missile
  • Finalized missile tracking and turret shooting code
  • Changeable code for turret functionality / missiles
  • Working missile types with different properties
  • Optimized turret / missile properties for gameplay
  • Icons / Infographics for UI
  • Damage model
  • Working turret spawn and construction
  • Missile ammo reserves / options / depletion / reloading

3. Laz0r Turret

  • Finalized turret model
  • Aiming and target selection code
  • Changeable variables for turret function
  • Optimize properties for gameplay
  • Damage dealing properties and use of turret
  • Icons / Infographics for UI
  • Functional look / ability of turret shooting stuff
  • Damage model
  • Working turret spawn and construction

4. Flak Turret

  • Finalized turret model
  • Working aiming / shooting code
  • Flak type ammo that works
  • Optimize turret for gameplay
  • Changeable code for turret functionality
  • Damage model
  • Finalized use of turret in gameplay
  • Working turret spawn and construction

5.  Fighter Ship launcher

  • Finalized model of launch bay for Fighter Ships
  • Working launching code
  • Changeable code for properties and gameplay
  • Working launcher spawn and construction
  • Damage model

6. Fighter Ships

  • Fighter ship type 1, finalized model
  • Target selection code
  • Target following code
  • Target shooting code
  • Movement code
  • Decision Making AI
  • General Optimization within Gameplay
  • Ability to evade or destroy threats to ship
  • AI optimization for all situations
  • Functionality optimization
  • Damage model
  • Changeability for upgrades / gameplay

7. Main Player Ship

  • Completed full ship model with at least 50% of detail achieved
  • Turret spawn locations for different turret types
  • Fighter Ship launcher spawn points
  • Salvage Ship spawn points
  • Changeable options for gameplay
  • Research center for turret upgrades
  • Command Center for general upgrades
  • Generic movement model for story consideration

8. Salvage System

  • “Resource” type that is salvaged from destroyed enemies
  • Enemies salvage value variables
  • Salvage models, based on enemy ship design
  • Salvage ship launchers on Main Player Ship models / functionality (offshoot of Fighter Ship Launchers)
  • Changeable options for salvage system for gameplay
  • Resource management system built into Salvage

9. Salvage Ships

  • Beta design of salvage ships
  • Movement code
  • Target selection code
  • Salvaging code
  • Salvage operations
  • Return to base with salvage code
  • Damage model

10. Enemy Fighter ship

  • Same as regular Fighter Ships, except with enemy stuff (Will add more detail as is known)

11. Enemy Frigate type ship

  • Semi finalized ship model
  • AI code for target selection
  • Weapon type addition, based on existing turret designs
  • AI code for combat purpose
  • Variety of options for gameplay

12. Enemy Capital type ship

  • Same as above.  More details as we reach the enemies part of coding

13. Environment

  • Asteroid belt style “level”
  • Hyperspace warp style “level”
  • Planet orbit style “level”
  • Different types of general skyboxes for Space
  • Better lighting solution for each “level” and general lighting
  • Other considerations not yet known (to be decided!)

14. Controls

  • Fully functional camera
  • Fully functional turret spawning
  • Pause menu with resume function
  • Clickable UI (see UI Section)
  • Generic movement ability for story considerations
  • Fully working menu systems

15. Gameplay

  • Branching story place holder structure
  • “Wave” Structure of enemies with differing types of enemies
  • Fully integrated points system
  • Fully integrated Salvage / Resource system
  • Generic Research system for upgrades
  • Individual turret upgrade system
  • Full damage model for main ship, turrets, etc.
  • Working turrets, Fighter ships, etc to destroy enemies

16. UI

  • More focused general loading screen
  • Level loading screens with tips, tricks, and trivia
  • Fully functional enemy health readout
  • Actual graphical interface for research, turret creation, etc
  • Full graphical representation of state of ship, upgrades, etc
  • “Sensors” to predict what kind of enemies are coming
  • Full menu system to start game, change options, about, credits, etc.
  • Full Pause menu with options that can actually be changed.
  • Full Resource information available on UI
  • Working Quit ability

17.  Other

  • Reorganized game plan for future release
  • Consideration of how to actually release this thing
  • Complete programming overhaul to optimize game code
  • Complete balancing of included beta components
  • Complete gameplay balancing for progression and game difficulty

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