Mid Week Update Time!



Welcome to Wednesday, the day that is the mid week, and so, we shall have a mid week update.  Time.  Today, right now, wherever you are, whoever you are.  Today is the day that I will fill you in on what has happened and what will happen this week before the next Weekend Update come Monday.

Now, normally (kinda) I would tell you what I’m going to do this week.  And I will tell you, but, I actually have news on what I did since Monday!  W00t!  Its pretty impressive I was able to get in a few hours of work done, but really it just caused a bunch of problems that I will now have to fix.  So what happened, I am sure everyone is excited to know.  Edge of your seats, I reckon.  Well, I had this idea.  An Idea that a bug is present in my game without my knowing!  I thought…  If my enemies are moving toward my ship, and my ship is moving forward, we are going to run into some serious issues.  The most likely result will be that I’ll end up with a string of enemies behind the main ship with my turrets and all that stuff shooting backwards, taking them out, while the ship moves forward.  This can of course be easily circumvented by just not moving the main ship, but where is the fun in that?  Plus, once I get into the retail finished version, I’m going to run into much bigger problems since I want to allow ship movement in general, not just on a pre-defined path like I am doing it now.

So, being the clever goose that I am, I decided to test this eventuality.  Put some simple movement code on my ship, and press play.  SHIT.  Ship moves just fine, but my turret spawn points in all of their spawning glory just stay there, hovering, in space.  Alone.  Ship is gone. Panic sets in.  I need to attach my spawnpoints to my ship somehow.  How do I do it..  Easy, just make em child objects.  BAM.  Done, 2 minute fix.  Press play.  Everything moves together.  Success!

Wait?  What is this?  I can’t make turrets any more!?  How did this happen?  Did it happen when I made my spawners child objects?  Some quick testing confirmed that it is in fact the case.  This is no good.  I can’t spawn turrets if I want my ship to move.  I need to fix this.  How do I fix this?  Well… I need to make sure my clicks get through on the spawners.  What I need, is a user interface.  I need a big, scary, GUI on the side of my game (or bottom, as it will probably end up) to control everything.  This is a big project, much bigger than what I wanted to do this week.  I wanted a nice, easy week of doing some menus and some ship movement.  Now, my weekend is going to consist of a huge GUI re-write.  Fun.

So what am I doing this week?  (point of this post, afterall)

  1. GUI.  Big project, but needs to be done.  Within that plan, I am going to split a GUI into 3 seperate parts, one for ship progress and info, one for turret spawning / upgrading, and one for enemy info.  This way I’ll be able to add a lot of cool functionality, such as spawning turrets on a spawn point, or, picking a spawn point and then a turret.  Both ways will work.  Get some turret upgrades done.  I don’t have much control over ammo and things like that, but, I think that I can set up very simple turret upgrades for the Alpha.  Things such as turret range, damage, etc.  Going to get all that working, have some enemy stats like number of enemies, wave, and some general buttons to skip to the next wave (if you’re feeling cocky) etc.  Also going to put in some general ship information such as Health, percentage through the level, current level path, etc.
  2. That first one is a doozy.  What else am I going to do?  Staying with my GUI theme, I’m finally going to put in some menus.  For now I’ll put in a start menu, to start the game.  And an exit button maybe.  If I feel sure of myself.  Eitherway, this is the “small” part of my plan for this week.


And that’s basically all that I want to get done.  If I can get all of this done by Monday, I’m going to be in a REALLY good spot for next week.  After the GUI and such mess is cleared up, all that is left is getting enemy waves / stats / powers all cleared up and figured out.  But thats just playing around with numbers until everything works.  Get the resources system cleared up so everything matches the way it should.  Pop in some different levels.  For now, different levels are mostly going to be aesthetically different with different skyboxes and color schemes.  But, providing all of that works, we are well on our way for January 31st release.  And even if I only manage to get one level working, I’m still going to post it.  I think that’s what he would have wanted.


Until Friday, stay safe everyone.





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