Weekend Update : 1-15-11

Hello and welcome back!


I managed to get some site views since last update last Wednesday, and I really don’t know how that happened.  It was probably me just logging on to different computers, but, for now I’ll pretend people read this thing.  So, first of all, I apologize for the lack of a Feature Friday post last week.  I did write part of one, and it started getting bigger and bigger and I realized I hadn’t fully thought through all of the stuff that was going into it.  So I figured 2/3 posts a week isn’t bad and left it at that.  And now that we’re back to our regularly featured Weekend Update update, lets get back to what we talk about on Mondays.  PROGRESS!

What did I do?  Not as much as I wanted, but more than I thought I’d get done.  Lets go through everything!

First of all, I never got around to make a space skybox.  I changed the skybox color to black, thats kinda close.  Now all I need are stars!  I’m going to definitely do a full on skybox this week, and most likely do something so that when the main ship moves through space the space crap also moves so it actually looks like you’re moving.  I doubt it will work right away but eventually I’ll get that part done.  Either way, Skybox = not done, but getting closer.  Its a small task so I haven’t bothered with putting it in yet.

Second, machine gun turrets!  This is where I spent most of my work this week, and boy howdy, is it sweet.  I completely re-wrote the aiming code that the machine gun uses so it has a much better defined arc of movement.  Then I re-wrote the shooting code so it follows the same arc and still has shot tracking.  For SOME reason its still not hitting under certain circumstances.  I honestly don’t know what the deal with it is.  But, in the end, its aiming, and shooting, much better than before.  And not only that, its actually a reliable way to clear out some enemies finally.  So now I can have constantly spawning enemies and a ship full of machine gun turrets will actually destroy some enemies.  Its working!  Its getting there.

Third, resource coding for enemies is in.  Kind of.  It works, it costs you 100 credits to make a turret, and each enemy killed gives you 500 credits.  Not quite perfect yet, as I need to work out the actual values for all of this stuff eventually, prolly at the end, but for now it is working.  Your credits increase as you’re killing tons of enemies to huge amounts.  That will in theory all be fixed once resources actually matter.  In the end, I want someone to be able to deploy two turrets to start out with, but not be able to afford another one until at least the 3rd wave of enemies or something like that.  I figure if I can work out the money to work correctly, it will be sweet.  Until then, its in game now, the enemies have a worth so you get the correct amount of credits per kill.   Plus, I added a cute little “credits: xxx” thing on the top of the screen to tell you how many credits you have.

And finally, enemy spawn code.  This one worked out really well actually, as when I was testing my new machine gun turret I had to make sure that enemies spawned only on one side.  So I put in some Spawn Variance variables that give a random number, and then add that random number onto the position of the object that is spawning.  My spawner, if you will.  Now, if I spawn 500 enemies, they all appear within a nice cube around the spawn point.  Not a sphere as originally intended, but, now I can move the spawn point wherever I want and the enemies spawn around that point.  And I can make the spawn point a child of the main ship so whenever I move the main ship, the enemies spawn where they should.  It was a simple change, and a fun one cause I did it by way of making something else better.

There we go, thats an update on everything I worked on this weekend.  I’m going to upgrade the Current Game Progress page to better reflect where we’re at with development, but, I think we’re moving along at a pretty good clip!  At this rate, I should be able to release the Alpha come January 31st without issue.  I might even add some extra things that i didn’t originally intend to be in the Alpha if I have time.  Things like turret upgrades.  You guys would love some type of turret upgrades, wouldn’t you?

Thats it for this Weekend Update, I’ll maybe put up some screenshots later, we will see.  Until then, be safe everyone.  I’ll be back on Wednesday with an agenda for this upcoming week.





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