Mid Week Update Time!


Welcome to the new and improved mid week update time! Normally around this time I would give you all some kind of excuse as to why nothing has been done.  And I’d try to cover it up by spouting out non-sense about what I may or may not have done, usually erring on the side of having not actually done anything.  That would, and prolly did, suck for you all.  So, starting this week, my mid week update posts will be shorter, more to the point, and focus on the important things.  This is the space where I will tell you what I plan on doing.

So, what am I planning on getting done this week?

  1. Machine gun turret fixes.  This machine gun turret is awesome, but there are some problems with it.  It rotates weirdly, it shoots through the main ship, and it misses.  Missing is fine, it can’t always hit, but this was an actual problem.  As in, it shoots poorly.  So, I’m going to fix it and make it better in the process.  For now, I’m going to reduce the amount of turrets to 1 from 2, but I’ll make it infinitely adjustable and get rid of my current code that switches turrets.  Its poorly done and only supports two turrets, so adding more for turret upgrades would have required a complete re-write anyway.  So i’ll just get it taken care of now, and make it so it actually hits better.
  2. Some kind of space skybox.  If you saw my screenshots (below), you see the current backdrop is a very lively blue puke color.  It sucks.  I’m going to make some kind of very basic space skybox so that it looks like we’re in space.
  3. Fix the enemy spawn code so it uses multiple spawn points with a random variance around it.  Instead of now, where it spawns in a weird hemisphere around the origin. Its going to spawn in a random point around pre defined points around the ship.  It’ll look better and will give me the ability to actually make the main ship move while keeping enemies spawning around the ship.
  4. Resource coding.  Gonna put in some UI stuff that will tell you how many resources you have, and change the turret spawn buttons to include a price in spawning a new turret.  This way, as you kill enemies, they give you credits.  It costs credits to create turrets.  Money makes the world go round.

Alright, thats 4 things I want to get done by next Monday.  And if I do, I will be WAY well on my way to a playable alpha version.  This, is going to be awesome.

Until Friday, take care everyone and don’t be a dick.




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