Weekend Update : 1-8-11


Another weekend, another set of updates for everyone to see!  Also, I updated the Current Game Progress page! This week its good news though, so, thats promising.  The good news is that on Friday and Saturday I managed to get a lot of awesome work done on SCO, making it closer to a real game than ever before! w00t!

EDIT – As promised (at the bottom of the post), here is a nice gallery of screenshots.  Check the descriptions of each for more details!

And for the first time ever, I can legitimately say that when I hit “play” in my Unity editor, I can actually play the game.  Yes, thats right, this thing is basically playable like you wouldn’t believe.  Its still missing a lot of stuff, of course, such as a fail condition.  Or a win condition.  And A LOT of other stuff that I can’t even begin to imagine.  However, the list of things that work is growing and the list of things that still need to get done is shrinking.  If that’s not good progress, I don’t know what is.  Enough beating about the bush, lets talk about all the awesome things I did and the problems I ran into while doing so.

First of all, I did some awesome stuff with the GUI!  As in, some functions now have a GUI.  So now, when you press one of the turret selection spots, instead of nothing happening, two buttons pop up.  One button says MG, the other says MT.  MG = machine gun, MT = Missile Turret.  Before this is released in alpha I’m going to replace these buttons with icons that will be described within game, but, for my own testing purposes MG and MT are fine.  I also added some cool things to that, such that if you click on a turret spawn and later decide you don’t want to spawn a turret, you can right-click or press escape and the selection buttons disappear.  How is that for awesome?  Now for the problem I am running into..  If you click on a turret spawn point, the buttons pop up, but if you don’t click a button they stay there (that’s fine…) but if you click on another turret spawn point, a second set of buttons pops up.  Its kind of a mess right now, but, I got some ideas on how to fix it.  Also in the pipeline is a way to make it so buttons don’t appear if you click on a spawn point that is behind an object.  Thats less of an issue, but still something to consider.

Second, I got some awesome turrets working along with turret spawning.  Now, when you click the button (MT or MG) the appropriate turret type spawns!  W00t!  Another great achievement.  I put in some realish code for spawning missiles and shooting the machine guns too, so that works now.  I have a delay on the missile shooting thats adjustable, and I changed the missile tracking code quite a bit so that the missiles look awesome.  Put in some trails and flurishes, and everything looks awesome.  Machine guns still need some work.  I am using my old code for machine gun aiming / targeting, but, it doesn’t quite look right.  I need to work out a better way to have an aiming cone that stops the turret from shooting through the ship.  I think I’m going to need to remake my stand in machine gun model to be a bit less complex and only use 1 turret instead of the two I am using currently.  It just doesn’t quite work the way I want it to.  Oh well, thats life I guess.  Its better to get these major tweaks out-of-the-way now as I go along.

Third, I added some VERY basic enemy spawn code.  Right now, I have an object that spawns a number of enemies (adjustable) every time a timer (also adjustable) reaches zero.  And they spawn in a big hemisphere around the 0,0,0 point in the world.  So I need to fix it so it spawns it around the ship, rather than around the origin of the game world.  The enemies are pretty sweet, I guess.  They’re spheres.  Not gonna lie, they’re just spheres.  And they have very simple code, they fly toward your main ship.  Eventually I’ll put in some collisions so they explode on impact and do some damage (fail condition go!) but for now they just fly through the main ship and move on with their lives.  Move on right back toward the ship HAHA.  Yes.  But no, seriously, they do spawn, they do fly toward the ship, and they are targeted by the turrets.  As of right now, they are much more effectively handled by the missiles than the machine gun which, even though it hits usually, still has some weird aiming issues.  I also put in a basic health code for the enemies such that they have a death condition, and I made it so my missiles do damage as do my bullets.  Right now the missiles do 150 damage, machine gun bullets do 25 damage a piece.  The standard enemy currently has 500 health.  So you can imagine how that works. I added some cute little explosions for the bullets hitting the enemies, and for the missiles hitting the enemies.  To be honest, it’s quite nice seeing a bunch of missiles flying around, hitting targets, going BOOM.  There are even situations where a missile would hit a target right before it would hit the mainship, and it felt like a win.  And that feeling is awesome.

Thats what I got done this weekend, and everything is starting to look more awesome than ever.

In other housekeeping news, Alpha release is still planned for end of January.  I should put some kind of timer on the site, I guess. Also, I think I’m going to change my Mid Week Update Time! posts from being a mid-week update of what I’ve done, to an update of what I want to get done in the next week.  This way, every week you’ll get an update on what I’ve done, an update with what I’m going to be working on, and a bigger feature.  Also starting this week, more screenshots!  Now that everything is working in a semblance of a game, we can actually start getting some images out to you people on a regular basis.

Also, important news, is that the Kongregate Unity game contest deadline is February 15th, with voting ending February 22nd.  That means, I have until the 15th to polish my alpha to the point where people will love it.  Hopefully by then I’ll be able to submit it and get EVERYONE I know to promote it and vote and play it.  Because top 10 games get money, and, if I get money, then that’s sweet.

I’ll post some screenshots soon, stay tuned.  See you on Wednesday.




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2 Responses to Weekend Update : 1-8-11

  1. Ruben says:

    So, why is this in space, and not, say, world war II? Both the ship model and the hemispherical world seem to suggest an ocean going vessel more than a space ship.

    • Bob5602 says:

      The short answer is cause space is much cooler than oceans. The longer answer is multi faceted. First and foremost, the market is saturated with WW2 stuff and naval stuff doesn’t connect with people. Too much history within something like WW2, and not enough interest in naval combat thats in a fake world. Second, the look and feel of an oceanic vessel is kind of what I am going for. I love the idea that space is just an endless ocean, and the design of space ships taking ideas from navy ships is awesome. Battlestar Galactica has that in spades, and its a huge inspiration on this project. And finally, its because though it has a hemispherical design at the moment doesn’t mean it always will. For now I am just dealing with the space above the ship for simplicity sake, but when I move this to an actual retail release down the road the 3rd dimension will not only be represented, it will bring with it a whole new set of challenges for the player to enjoy. Hope that makes sense, keep on readin Jacob 🙂

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