Mid Week Update Time!


Another mid week, another update.  I don’t know why I do two updates a week, in addition to a Feature Friday post.  I mean, the Friday post is different because it talks more about a concept and idea, but why two updates?  I don’t know.  I originally started the mid week update so that people know where I am by mid week, but I tend not to have much time to work on the game between Monday and Wednesday, so the update gets pushed off til Thursday.  And even then it rarely has useful information.  So, I don’t know why I do it.  Just to stay active, I suppose.  The more often I get people here, the more work I do.  If you haven’t already, you should make it a habit to check the Game Progress Page every new post to see where I’m at with things.  There have been some developments on the SCO front since Monday this week, so, at least we have a legitimate update post.  No images this time, but really I think its too early in the game to start talking about screenshots and demos.  Once I get alpha up and running, there will be more stuff up here.  Until then, everyone is just going to have to wait.  If you really want it, the demo is still out there, still waiting to be downloaded.

Onto what I’ve done and am happy about in terms of progress.  First and foremost, I finally moved from my FirstUnityTests project and SCOTests scene, to a brand new SCOAlpha Project and a “Workbox” Scene.  The workbox scene is where I’m going to put everything together, then I as I finish things up I can just rename it to whatever it is (Level 1, Menu, etc).  Second, I did the first big part of getting my Alpha Build working.  Its not big as in hard to implement or big as in the amount of work it took, I mean big as in a big deal.  I got a working camera! W00t w00t.  Now, if you hold down the left CTRL and the left mouse button, you can rotate around your main ship.  Right now the main ship is just a cube I put in there, but, by this weekend I should have a stand-in model for the main ship.  Nothing too fancy, just something for the Alpha.  Anyway, providing you press the right buttons (hah) you can rotate the camera.  Left, right, rotate it around the ship.  I put in some limitations, such that you can’t move below the horizontal of the cube (since all of my “game” I want to happen above the horizontal) and I put in an upper angle limit so we needn’t worry about the camera going somewhere off upside down past the 90 degree point.  I made it 75 degrees and it seems to be working fine.  Also put in some code that the mouse wheel will allow you to zoom.  Not sure if I’ll get to it during the Alpha build, but I should make zooming and camera rotating also work with the keyboard, just in case someone doesn’t like using the mouse.

What else is new?  Hm..  I found an awesome program to make some Skyboxes.  Its called Spacescape and is freeware, though I want to give props to the creator because though its complicated, it’ll allow me to focus on programming SCO and not worrying about how to freakin create a skybox image.  And it automatically lines up the images, that’s useful. I also checked off some other things on my to do list such as a loading screen.  Right now, its the basic Unity loading screen and until I make enough money to purchase Unity Pro, I’m going to have to stick with it.  It’ll be ok for now, and hopefully I can make the money required by the time I actually want to make this a whole big thing.  Point is, the loading screen is good enough for now.

Thats about everything thats exciting, for now.  I got some good ideas about where I want this game to end, and I think it’ll be more like Homeworld than originally planned.  Which is awesome.  I’ll explain it all more as we get closer to release.  Its still a ways away.

Plans for this week / weekend :

  • Get a stand in model for the Main Player Ship
  • Get spawnable turrets for the main ship
  • Get some enemies spawning done

Next update.. Friday.  Until then, stay safe everyone.




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