Weekend Update : 1-1-11

Hello and welcome to GBM Productions, 2011 version!

This kitten is wishing you a happy new year on behalf of GBM Productions. Cats cannot talk, so they create hats to express their opinions.

In case you don’t want to read this whole post, important thing is new page here.

Yes, its the same.  Get over it.  Not a big report this time, since we had a pretty hectic weekend with the new year and all that.  Really, wasn’t that hectic, but, it was a vacation weekend so I didn’t get much done.  However, I did talk to some peoples about the Demo we had released last Friday.  Speaking of which, I’m sorry I didn’t get to write a Feature Friday last week, as things were too busy.  However, I did post a demo, so that should be enough to tide you over until this upcoming Friday.  Anyway, the demo.  I got some feedback, lets see what people said!

“Why can’t I press two buttons at once to make the ship turn on two different axis?”

Well, I didn’t know how to do that.  Actually, I didn’t know I had to specifically give it the ability to do that, I figured if I can turn it one way, and another way, it would work to do both if you pressed both buttons.  Unfortunately, that appears not to be the case.  Not a big deal, since the fighter ship turning ability isn’t really essential or at all a part of the final product.

“I didn’t get a chance to download it yet!!!!! Sad face”

What are you waiting for!?  Download it right now! And have fun.  Don’t forget about the spinning with Q/E.  Or check the blog post associated with the download for more information!

“I downloaded your demo but I don’t get it.  It turns fine but when I press CTRL it just goes flying off the screen, and I need to press R to reset it.  How is this a game?”

Yeah, its not a game 😦  Its more of just a tech demo for the fighter ship.  Which isn’t even going to be in the initial Alpha release.  I had just been working on it so I figured I’d post something.

And now, for some other news.  Since I don’t have much of an update on the game from this weekend, and there really hasn’t been anything new that was done, what do I really have to tell you this week.  Why am I writing this post at all?  Well, for a number of reasons.  First of all, I want to keep updating so I keep getting people coming here, which is essential for my self worth as a human being.  Second of all, I did talk to one person about the demo and we talked about where I should go from here.  We both decided that this whole working on bits and pieces of the game is fun and all, but, this whole thing has the ability to just spiral out of control and never get done.  And no one wants an unfinished game just hanging over their heads.  So, in lieu of an actual update this week, I bring you…  The Game Progress Page!!

That sweet link, my friends, is a list I have compiled of what I want to get done for both the Alpha version of SCO and the Beta version.  Now, beta is quite a ways off for now, so the details a bit sketchy.  Though I did add a bunch of things that I know I’m going to need, that there list is going to be updated as we get closer.  Once the Alpha version is done.  The trick is, now that I have an actual list of stuff I need to get done, I can work on this more as a complete game rather than a series of bits and pieces.  I’ll check things off on that list as I do them, and eventually re-update the list with more information on the Beta, and what is going to actually make it into the full game.  For now, keep an eye on the Alpha list and see where I’m at.  As time goes on, I’ll add some kind of clever thermometer or something so people can just see a percentage rather than look at the long list.

Alright, I think thats about it for me this week.  I know its a short post this week, but, we got a lot of information in that current game checklist page, so check that out for more details.  As always, comment, share, etc etc etc.




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