Pre Alpha Demo Download Available Now!

Hey cats and kittens!

Good news!  SCO Pre Alpha Demo is now ready!  DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!!!

Demo Preview!

 The controls are right there, in that picture.  Also, within the game itself.  And don’t forget, Q/E allows you to spin, and is also stopped by spacebar just like any other rotation.

Keep in mind that due to a lack of a host,I am just putting this file on Mediafire.  Yes, its not the best, but what can you do?  You should be able to download the zip directly from them.  Don’t download any installers they might give you, any tool bars, weird programs, etc etc etc.  Just don’t do it.  Download the file.  Thats all.

Now here is what you do :

Down load the zip from one of the links above.

Unzip the file wherever you’d like.  I usually just put it on my desktop, but whatever you want.  Just make sure you unzip it to a folder, or else you’ll have the files just sitting around wherever.

You’ll have a .html file and a .unity3d file.  The unity3d file is the actual game, but you access it via the html file.  So just double click on that, it should open up in your favorite web browser.  Then play!

If for some odd reason you don’t have the Unity Web Player, which is necessary to play, the html file should have a link to download it.  Don’t worry, its safe, its just a plug in.  Here is the link to the web player just incase you feel proactive and want to install it before you get the demo.

There ya go!

If you feel like it, do comment.  If the link stops working, comment.  Or Email me, or facebook, or twitter @GBMProd.  Whatever you guys want.





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