Mid Week Update Time!

Hello everyone!

Welcome to another installment of Mid Week Update Time with Marcin.  I can’t seem to get this mid week update out during the mid week.  I mean, theoretically Thursday is still in the middle of the week.  However, I really want to start making this update on Wednesday.  We’ll see if I ever get that to happen.  Until then, you’re just going to have to deal with me doing this whenever I get a chance to.  Oh well.

However, this week, we have some bad news and some good news.  Bad news first.   Bad news always first.  This post will not be full of pictures and fancy things because honestly, I don’t have the time to put something together in Paint.  I’m sorry Heaf, you’re just going to have to deal with it.  Good news is that there is a chance we can get you guys some free stuff sometime today, or tomorrow.  We’ll see when I get a chance to upload stuff, but I’ll leave a spot open so I can put a link in there later.  The demo I told you about on Monday?  Well, today, or tomorrow, you’re all going to get to experience it.  Sadly, this does not mean I got a host, or 80 dollars, or anything else.  All it means is that I am much more wily than WordPress thought.  I’m just going to Zip up and upload the demo files to some kind of internet depository.  Once that is all done and done, I can just link you guys.  You’ll have to download it, unzip it, and play it locally on your machine.  I’m sorry, but, until hosting is fixed, that’s really the best that I can do.  Anyway, onto some updates!

Hmm..  I don’t really have much to update.  I haven’t really had time to work as my girlfriend finally has some time off so my evenings are pretty full taking care of her.  However, even though I haven’t had time to program nearly as much as I would like to, or at all, that doesn’t mean no work has been done on SCO in the last couple of days.  I’ve been trying to figure out what to work on next, since there is still so much to do!  And in figuring out what I should do next, I have started doing more and more work into what I should be doing period.  I should be doing a lot.  In no particular order, here are the things that need to be done :

Laz0r turrets – Flak Turrets – Missile Turrets – Ammo types – Fighter Ship “turrets” – Salvage (all of it) – Fighter Ships AI – Command Center – Research – etc etc etc etc.

Lots to do.  In addition to all of that stuff within the game, there are a lot of “meta” projects that need to be started…

UI – Start Screen – Enemies – Combine every part of stuff into a working whole? – scores – controls – objectives – story – menus – appearance – sky boxes – 3d models for everything – textures for everything – etc etc etc.

Wow.  I have SOOO  much more work to do, its not even funny.  Well, its kinda funny, except for when you think of it.  And then its just depressing.  And to be honest, I really want to get this thing done before February 15th.  I doubt its going to happen, but, maybe a March release date. Maybe.  The February 15th goal is to see if I can get onto Kongregate into their Unity game development contest.  I doubt I’ll be done by then.  March time is still when I actually want to get a good playable version out.  Might not have everything I want by then, but, it should be playable and fun.  We will see.

Anyway, moving on.  Things you should look for on the site within the next month or so, or, before February 1st.

  • Some kind of meter that will tell you how much work I’ve done.  A simple percentage should be fine, maybe make it a fancy graphic of some sort of a thermometer or whatever, I dunno.  Or a Space ship being filled with deathknights.  Either way, that is something I want so people can at least see where I’m at with this thing.
  • Some kind of page that will list everything I have done or need to do, that is updated by me.  It sounds stupid, but, if I have it written down on the site I can actually make some sort of public declaration about what is actually done, or how done it is.  Everyone can see what is being worked on, whats done, whats not, etc.  Good for everyone involved.
  • More screenshots and demos!!  Its something that will be more and more possible with time as the game gets closer to completion.  As I have more stuff to actually show off that looks good, the more stuff I have give you guys to play around with.  And the more stuff you guys play around with, the more feedback I can get
  • Hosting / my own domain.  As I posted before its something that will make my life a lot easier.  I can actually put all the stuff I want on my site, rather than dealing with the limitations of this free wordpress blog.  It works fine for now, but, by months end I’m going to need something better.

Alright cats and kittens, that should do it for this weeks Mid Week Update Time.  Be sure to come back later tonight, or tomorrow as a safer bet, and download the demo.  Its going to be in a post of its own probably, for ease of download, but it really is “part” of this post.  And you guys should come back tomorrow anyway for our Feature Friday.  I don’t know what the feature is going to be, but, its going to be awesome.




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