Weekend Update : 12-25-10

Hello and happy holidays!

Or Merry Christmas! Whatever you celebrate, we don’t discriminate here. NO ONE GETS UPDATES when its holiday times! HAHAHA!…. Anyway, welcome to the Christmas Edition ™ of the Weekend Update here at GBM Productions. We have some stuff to talk about, some stuff to kind of gloss over, and a sad story that affects everyone who comes here.

As many as you can tell, we didn’t have any updates since last weeks Weekend Update. And, I of course apologize. I can blame it on the holidays, family time, work, anything you want really. I’ll leave it up to you on what to blame it on. Either way, here is a clever graphic to show you what happened :

A pretty graph of my productivity.


So what can we learn about what happened from this graph?  Well, as you can see, a few days before Christmas productivity was at its normal level.  We got a lot done, but there was a snag somewhere.  And shortly before Christmas proper, you can see the productivity went down.  Fast.  But it picks up again after Christmas, so thats good, right?  I mean, here we are, after Christmas, and we have a new update!  Huzzah!

So what was accomplished since the last update… A lot, not a lot, and maybe something in between.  First of all, I finally finished the functions required for my space ship to operate successfully.  This means we have functions to… Turn left, turn right, turn up, turn down, spin left, and spin right.  EVERYTHING we need to get some kind of aiming going on.  So… I took this new found actual turning ability and made some sort of new found awesome aiming device.  Kind of.  I still need to figure out when I can call such a function and how it can be useful to actually aim.  But, for now, if I just leave it as is, it aims very well.  Its actually a much less problematic situation than I thought.  I have a secondary game object that aims at the target, ALWAYS.  That one I can just make aim without having to worry about physics.  I then have the spaceship which is always facing forward (what isn’t, am I right??).  Then, I simply take the difference between the ship rotation and the aiming rotation, and VIOLA! I have myself a nice little Vector3 variable that has all of the difference between the ship and the target.  Now, all I needed to do was make that variable (0,0,0) and the ship is aiming right where its suppose to be.  A few small tweaks and we end up checking to see if the difference . x variable is equal to the ship rotation . x variable.  If its off, i just call the turning functions and we turn turn turn until its right on, and then it stops.  Same with the  .y variable, and between that we have the left right rotation, and the up down rotation.  Spinning is independent.  Why?  Well, first of all, spinning is pretty worthless and having it be part of the calculation would bring in a lot of needless headache.  Plus, now I can focus all of my efforts from spinning on doing awesome things like barrel rolls.  Who doesn’t like a little barrel roll in their life??  Here is a nice snapshot of what we have :

Missing from this image : Spinning.


As you can see from this awesome representation of SCO…  We got turning, we got turning another way, and spinning.  Not pictured.   Anyway, lets get to the important part of this whole thing.  I made a demo!  A very simple demo, but a demo.  I spent most of the days before Christmas doing it, making a model, turning my turning functions into a workable demo that works with buttons.  And WHOOOOO boy, is it sweet.  WASD allows you to turn left, right, up and down.  Q and E spin you around.  I added some awesome other abilities such as pressing SPACE allows you to stop rotating, very useful.  Also, pressing CTRL gives you a boost forward (whatever forward is based on your turning) and pressing C stops your forward movement.  And, pressing R resets the ship.  Everything is nicely exported, got myself a html file with the javascript required to run everything, and a .unity3d file.  There we go, made something awesome.  Something I was going to share with everyone last week for Mid Week Update time.  However, as everyone can see, it didn’t go nearly as well as planned.


It turns out, my free wordpress.com blog doesn’t allow me to upload .unity3d files.  That is a big problem.  I can’t use a plugin or anything to make the whole thing run, but, I can easily put in the Javascript code in order to make everything work.  But no file.  So nothing works.  I tried and I tried and I tried, but I couldn’t do anything.  So you guys got no update, cause I was mad.  And I couldn’t give you what you so rightfully deserve.

On Sunday, last night, I had an idea.  I’ll buy a domain, get some hosting, and then I can place all the god damn unity3d files I want forever.  Put a wordpress script up on the site, just move everything over, BAM, playable demo for everyone!  Alas, I don’t have much money.  And this is where the trickery comes in.  BlueHost, which I was going to use before I got suckered with their promises of awesome, is a fucking pain.  And very nice about refunds!  So, good and bad.  Point is, go to their site. Go ahead.  Do it now.  I will wait.

Do you see how awesome of a deal that is?  6.95 for unlimited everything, good tools, good stuff I can use.  Even supports wordpress, so, I can just continue this same site.  Plus the price includes a domain, free set up, etc etc etc.  THIS IS AWESOME I thought.  Until I purchased it.  You see, they’ll tell you all over the place that its only 6.95 a month.  And they are somewhat telling the truth, as it is 6.95 a month.  BUT what they don’t tell you is that you have to pay for a year up front.  Yeah, they don’t really mention that anywhere easily seen on their site.  And when you order, they keep up this charade of its only 6.95 until after you pay them, only then revealing that you actually just paid them 80 some dollars.  It was a very sad day.  But, I was able to get a refund pretty quickly. Point is, once I have 80 dollars readily available, I will most likely host with them and everyone will get a demo.  Done and done.

Welp, thats all I have for everyone today.  Stay safe everyone, Merry Christmas, and we’ll talk again at mid week time.





PS :

In order to find out that bluehost will charge you way too much, from their site :

Click “Help Center”

Click “Browse Knowledgebase”

Click “My Account / New User”

Click “Hosting Prices”

And in their little chart of how much money they will steal, er, charge you, you find out the truth.  You pay up front.  Very sad 😦


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