Feature Friday : Missile Turrets



This week’s Feature Friday comes to us from the great space of the future, where missile turrets are in SCO and working totally awesome!  Unfortunately, they are not there yet 😦  Though if you recall, our missiles are working quite well by themselves.  There is even a screenshot in the last Mid Week Update Time post.  I’ve run into some issues with my missiles as opposed to my other targets so far, as well as my ammo for the regular turret.  Everything else is using physics to move around and fly and stuff.  The Missiles, in order to create the effect I wanted, do not use physics.  However, this is causing a number of problems because my target tracking uses the velocity of a physics object.  Since missiles aren’t physics objects except for collisions, they aren’t updating the velocity as well as they should.  This is a big bummer, since I can’t show you my awesome machine gun turret tracking missiles.  But, really, you don’t want your machine gun turrets shooting down missiles, so I have some time to figure out a better way to hold velocity information.


But as always, thats a tangent.  The real reason everyone (what, all 3, maybe 5 of you?) is here is to hear about the Missile Turrets.  And boy, are missile turrets awesome.  Primarily a defense against fighter ships launched by the enemy, and occasionally against capital ships, Missile Turrets are more defensive than they are offensive.  I know what you’re thinking, how can shooting a self propelled mass of explosives at something be defensive?  Well, its simply because they are there to destroy fighters and moving targets.  They track for a reason, and can hit targets, trust me.  Boy, can they hit targets! its actually quite awesome, cause any direction that the missile may be moving to begin with, and it is ALWAYS moving forward (unlike fighter ships which are able to stop and turn on a dime), they turn toward the target in a sweet way and usually hit it.  Usually.  Maybe.  Most of my tests have been against spheres falling with gravity, so the missile hits that.  We’ll see what happens they are going against a moving fighter ship that can turn and dodge.  Hopefully the resulting mishmash of movement will be awesome.

What about the turret itself?  Is it as sweet as one imagines it to be?  Well, yes and no.  Unlike the machine gun turret, the Missile Turret doesn’t really track targets and apply lead time, or turn, shoot in different directions, etc.  It just basically exists, is reloaded, and fires a missile every few seconds.  I don’t know how many seconds yet, as that will all be figured out once everything is being put together, but I can’t imagine it would be more than 1 every 5 seconds or so.  Also depends on how many “enemies” you will see on screen at any given point.  Really, I can’t commit to any kind of firing speed at this juncture.  Just remember, when the enemy starts launching lots and lots of fighters at you, missiles are your best friend.  Because think about it..  If you are sitting on a place, and there is a freakin space bomber coming your way, what would you rather have?  A machine gun, or a missile launcher?  The answer is missile launcher.  Really, it is.


So, as before, lets talk about what kinds of cool stuff you can upgrade on the Missile Turret..

Ammo Capacity – How many missiles can you fire off before you have to reload.  The more the better, obviously.

Ammo Type – Faster missiles, slower missiles, better tracking, less better tracking.  All kinds of options.  EMP missiles, multi missile missiles, etc etc etc.  All good for certain situations, though it will all make much more sense once you see SCO in action.

Firing Rate – self explanatory.

Missile life span – They don’t go forever, eventually they’ll stop tracking and just go off and die on their own.  Prolly better that this is longer, no?

Fire Amount – Like firing rate, but double!  Fire two missiles at once.



And of course, as everyone can already imagine, there is some sort of tracking business on the Missile Turret itself.  This means that it tracks the closest target at any given point.  Keep in mind that it is mostly tracking fighter ships, but, just for everyone to be happy, I’ll put in some sort of check box where you can select what each turret shoots at.  If you want it to shoot at capital ships instead of fighters, well ok, you have that option.  If you want it to shoot at flak rounds or other missiles… well, I probably won’t give you those options.  But we’ll see.


For now, this will have to do.  I have some more ideas for the missile turret I may touch on as I implement them, and you will most definitely see more about missiles as they are a big part of testing my fighter ship code.  Until then, please comment with what you like, don’t like, or want more information on.  The more I can get the audience involved, the more likely I am to do a good job.


Until Monday, have a good weekend everyone.  And wish me luck on the Ludum Dare this weekend, I’m gonna need it.





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2 Responses to Feature Friday : Missile Turrets

  1. mer says:

    you write a lot! it’s hard to keep up! sounds like your moving along quite fast.

    • Bob5602 says:

      Haha, yes, I write a lot. If only I programmed just as fast 😛 I am trying to keep up with it. No one is gonna keep an eye on my blog if there are no updates 🙂

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