Mid Week Update Time!

Hello all!

Hello, and welcome to our new..  Ok, you know the spiel by now.  New feature, on Wednesdays.  Maybe. Called Mid Week Update Time.  Why not just Wednesdays, as it would make most sense with other updates being Monday and Friday?  Really its because I’m lazy, and I don’t know if I’m going to have a mid week update on Wednesday.  Some weeks I may be more excited and productive and update on Tuesdays.  Some weeks it will be Thursday, and y’all can’t yell at me because its mid week still.  But enough about why its called what it is, thats not important.  What is important, is the updates that will come during the mid week.

EDIT  – It appears that I called that like no bodys business, I didn’t post this yesterday as I had originally planned.  But it was because I got caught up in SCO production, not cause I’m lazy.  Thats good!  So, I am going to post this as it is today, and later tonight add on some screen shots and some video, just for everyone!

And I have decided that mid week is the best time to give you FREE STUFF!

Yes, free stuff for everyone who comes.  Anyone at all.  If you came to the site today, you’re getting free stuff.  If you get a friend to come by, they’ll also get free stuff.  Free stuff for everyone!

Ok, thats a lie, you’re not really getting free stuff.  You’re getting rights to use stuff for the length of time that you’re here, but thats basically the same as getting stuff, right?  And it is free.  Well, free in the monetary sense.  You still have to spend time and effort to get access to the stuff.  Man, this free stuff deal doesn’t sound nearly as awesome once you put all the caveats in there.  Its ok though, cause this week we got some awesome announcements (just 1), some screen shots of what I’ve been working on (4) and maybe even a video or two of the turret in action.  We’ll see how generous I am feeling about the stuff by the time I post this.  Plus, I’m going to be awesome and give you the “over the shoulder” feel for all the stuff this week, where all the videos of the SCO in action will be taken via mobile phone then uploaded to YouTube.  None of that screen capture fancy shmancy stuff.  Good ole fashioned video recording.  I considered busting out the ole VHS camcorder then converting it to digital, but that would take way more time than I am willing to put in to make a video look crappy.  And it has to look crappy, or else no one will ever say,”Marcin!!!  Get us better footage we want to haaaaaaaaaaave it.”

So, with further delay, there will be screenshots and such posted later tonight 🙂

EDIT – Here are some screenshots!!!

Probably not as exciting as everyone thought.  But wait until you see it in action, it makes a lot more sense.  In the missile screenshot, I added 4 missiles with various rotations that all converge on a single sphere (the thing that looks like a sun) as it falls.  In the turret screenshot, you can see the turret (placeholder) on the bottom left, with a yellow line that is “targetting” the closest enemy, in this case the falling sphere.  You can also see that the projectiles (here in white) are leading the target so that they will hit, even though the sphere is falling.  I hope you enjoy!


In other news, I have an announcement!

This weekend, or at least the 2nd half of it, I am going to be participating in the Ludum Dare competition.  It is a 48 hour game development competition based on one theme.  Since I am busy Friday and Saturday, I will only be putting in 1 days worth of effort.  However, this will hopefully be a learning experience and I will get much better at programming and asset creation as a result.  Stay tuned, as our weekend update next week will be all about what I did, and prolly didn’t do, for this event.




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