Weekend Update : 12-11-10

Haha.. 12-11-10. Nice.

Hello and welcome once again, to another new weekly feature here at GBM Productions. This one we’re calling the Weekend Update. We being me. I’m kind of like multiple people cause I talk to myself. But thats neither here nor there. Weekend Update is our new feature where every Monday, I’m gonna talk about all of the awesome stuff that I did this weekend. Now, as always, no one cares about my personal life or the crap I had to endure for any given weekend, so this feature will focus on what I did for my current production. In this case, as always.. SCO!

So, what did I do in the world of SCO this weekend?
(dramatic pause for as long as you see fit. I recommend under 5 seconds)

Ha, I am a kidder. But seriously though, I didn’t do any game development this weekend. Why am I putting on a new development blog post when I didn’t do anything? Cause being the clever monkey that I am, I might as well take this time to update you on all the things I have done for SCO over the last few weeks before I had a blog. That way, even though I did nothing, you can hear about the latest and greatest developments in this beast of a game. And Whooo boy, are there developments.

So you know about the Machine Gun Turret, right? Well, that’s been done and is working now. Well, working is a very loose word in this case, but it does everything its suppose to. I might, and by might I mean most definitely will, have to go back and edit it a bit as I get better with the programming. I think it can be done better. Also, though the gun currently fires as often as it has bullets, I haven’t even begun to think about how I’m going to implement reloading and all of that good stuff. But, that can be saved for another day, for now, its shooting as its suppose to.

Other news, I made a missile! Just one missile. That tracks targets, even while they move! Its very sexy. Its actually quite nice, since its just a script I can put on the object. So once I get a real missile mesh in there and put the tracking script… BAM, missile. I also added some cool things to it, since it turns out no one wants a missile that always hits, and no one wants a missile that never hits. Its a very fine balance. We don’t want the missile to always be on target cause it will hit and though that is deliciously awesome, it doesn’t look very well. When you think of SPACE MISSILES you think of contrails and big swirly flight paths that eventually hone in on the target. Or are dodged. Who knows!? So, I made this awesome code that if the missile is far far away, it tracks slowly, and carefully, causing big arcs as it moves. BIG SWEEPING ARCS. Its awesome. Then half of that distance, it tracks faster. Half of that distance, it tracks faster. The loops around the target getting smaller and smaller with distance to the target. And once its really close…. it just tracks so fast its a guaranteed hit. Though I did notice that before this magical always hit threshold, it still tracks slowly enough that there is a good miss chance unless it gets close. Its pretty sweet overall. Plus I added some clever things so that if it the target gets REALLY far away the missile vanishes. Plus, the missile has a lifetime so if it doesn’t hit, and doesn’t get too far away from the target, it will, eventually, run out of fuel and explode.

So thats the update for this weekend. And previous weekends, I suppose. Point is, you are now aware of what has been done so far. This week’s big production… Fighter Ships. Gonna be awesome. Just gotta make sure they can find the target, they can shoot at the target, and most importantly….. not get hit by anything. Thats gonna be my favorite part I reckon, making the fighter ships do sweet barrel rolls and stuff to avoid getting hit. But really, its gonna mostly be AI programming for the fighter ships, and its gonna be sweet. Stay tuned to this station for more updates as they develop (aka I develop them).

Also, come back this Wednesday for a new feature (making it 3 per week, which should be plenty to whet everyones appetite), which I am going to call… I don’t know yet. But its gonna be sweet. Wednesdays are gonna be the best days for you people because I think I’m going to start posting screenshots, videos, and eventually gameplay esque tech demos.

But do come back Wednesday, cause if this stuff doesn’t appeal to you, I’m going to have a special announcement you won’t want to miss. Really, its gonna be epic. Not only the announcement will be epic, but also you should see results from the announcement within a week, which is even more awesome than the Sneezing Panda.




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