Feature Friday : Machine Gun Turrets

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In the spirit of getting regular updates to my loyal, subscribed readers (aka Bill and Mer), I am now starting my new weekly feature called…  Feature Friday.  Every Friday, I’m going to put a slightly more detailed post about a given feature of my current game.  This week, and most likely every week for a while, its going to be about SCO.  Cause SCO is the only game in development by GBM right now.  And most likely will be until its projected release in Marchish time.  Is that a real release date!?!?!?  An EXCLUSIVE tidbit of information?  Maybe.  We’ll see what I can get done by March.  Anyway, onto todays Feature Friday!


Machine Gun Turrets

Since the dawn of man, the machine gun has been king.  I remember the olden days when Shoguns would summon forth their great Repeat Fire Automated Rifle Turrets to the battlefield. One of the greatest inventions of our race, older than time itself.  Kind of.  That doesn’t matter since SCO is set in the future, where machine gun turrets will be your first and most likely greatest ally against the enemies you are facing.  So lets go over some of the features of the Machine Gun turret, what it can do, what it is best against, and why you should care about this, the most simple and effective of your arsenal against evil.


First, Machine Gun Turrets fire a steady stream of projectiles at your target.  That is basically what they do, at all times.  PEW PEW PEW except instead of lasers, its some sort of future ammo.  Depleted Uranium Shells or something, I don’t know yet.  SCO is still in the technical design and testing stage. But the point is that these turrets are rapid fire, moderate damage per projectile, with a pretty good range.


How do they work?!? you may ask.  Or not.  Well, to be honest, first tests of the Machine Gun Turret were less than stellar.  Very quickly was I able to adapt them to fire at a target with some sort of ammo.  Turns out, firing directly at an enemy is AWESOME…. providing the enemy isn’t moving.  Physics say that if time exists, there is no way you’re going to hit a moving target by shooting at where it is. Thats just a fact of life.  But, new advancements in Machine Gun Turret code have allowed the turret to be better than ever.  With a separate tracking component, I was able to bring in lead time.  Now, depending on the speed and direction of my target, the turret is actually capable of hitting it.  Not 100% of the time, since outside factors can influence movement, but enough for it to actually make sense.  And thus, our Machine Gun Turret was born!  I put in some code to limit the range, to limit the rotational angle of the turret (so that it doesn’t accidentally shoot straight through your home base ship), more targeting.  As a workflow, its simple yet awesome.

A simple Machine Gun Turret consists of two important pieces.  Targeting and firing.  And they have to be separate so that we can target stuff, and we can shoot at stuff.  As a workflow, the targeting finds any targets within its range and angle, so already you cut out every other target on the game world that the turret would never hit, and just focus on the ones that are in front, and close enough to be hit.  Then it cycles through all of these targets and finds the closest target available.  Once a target is set, the firing code takes over and goes POW! POW! POW!.  Bam, in theory dead target.  Two barrels alternating shooting at the target that is currently set.  As long as we have bullets.  Oh, I didn’t tell you you have to worry about bullets?  Well you do, shit doesn’t grow on trees.  You can fire for quite a while, but once you’re out of bullets you’re gonna have to reload from your reserves.  These are big numbers, so its not like it’ll happen very often.  But you don’t want to be in a firefight when you realize you have no bullets.


So thats how the turret works, what about the other cool things you can do with it.  We know it finds targets, and it shoots at them, and it actually hits them.  How can we turn this mild mannered Machine Gun Turret into something more awesome?  UPGRADES!  Thats right, use your collected scrap to upgrade your turret.  Possible upgrades include…  But are not limited to..

Different Ammo – EMP rounds, armor piercing, explosive, all available for a small scrap cost!

More barrels – shoot more projectiles!  Sure you’ll use up ammo more quickly, but having more bullets out there can’t be a bad thing.  Keep in mind any projectiles that miss the intended target are still capable of hitting other targets that are stupid enough to run into them.

Increase Ammo Capacity – useful.

Better tracking – Faster, more maneuverable enemies mean more of a chance to miss, be more accurate with your shots.




And there you have it, the first Feature Friday segment is complete.  I hope you learned about the Machine Gun Turret and all of things that it can, and will, be able to do.  Any suggestions or critique please let me know, and as always, comment!





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  1. Meridith says:

    The best part is reading this and hearing Marcin’s voice.

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