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Hello everyone!

And Welcome, to Games By Marcin Productions.

I’m Marcin, and this blog is dedicated to my pursuit of gaming in my spare time.  No one cares to read what I think of gaming and the culture around it, so this blog has only one real purpose:


To give everyone a look into what I am doing here at GBM Productions.  In addition to my own development updates, I’ll be posting links to resources I find during the learning process and just give general updates on what I have done, and plan to do.  Of course, the other motive of course is to be accountable to a website so I don’t forget what I’m doing.  Therefore, without further wishy-washy promises of nothing, here is my spiel for the moment :

GBM Productions is a start-up, 1 person, indie, fun, game development company in which I, Marcin, do EVERYTHING.  Why would I do this to myself?  Its simple..  I have a job, a girlfriend, and a passion for gaming.  This means that between everything I do in my life, I don’t have time to maintain a production schedule with an outside programmer and or independent game development studio.  Its just not possible, and, I don’t want to put anyone through the trouble of depending on me.  I already know 3d modeling and animation, so I really just need a programmer.  But, Huzzah!, I am capable of programming myself it turns out.  So I decided to just say Fuck it dude.  I’ll make a game myself, from the assets to the programming to the sound.  It’ll take me some time, but I don’t have any deadlines to meet.  No other people to please.  Just me, myself, and my games.  Throw the label Games By Marcin on there, and you have this.


So, what am I doing at GBM Productions today?  Well, I have started development of my first game, tentatively titled Space Command One.  Actually, it was about 2 weeks ago, but I only now started this site, so we’ll get going on the right foot with some stuff to talk about right away.  Huzzah.

What is Space Command One, hereforth referred to as SCO…

SCO is to be a browser-based game within the Unity3D engine. A turret defense game.  With strong influence from Battlestar Galactica as well as the game Homeworld. Doesn’t that sound exciting to you all?  Its exciting to me.  Here is some more information about the concept.

Turret defense games are popular these days.  Very popular.  Its one of the most interesting new genres to come to browser based gaming in a long time.  You get yourself a route, a bunch of enemies of increasing difficulty, build some turrets, and hope the enemies don’t make it to the end of the route.  Very simple.  Further innovation has brought us games that get rid of the route, and just add a start point and end point for the enemies, with the route defined by turrets along the way.  Shooting the little buggers.  Death.

So, for SCO, I take the very simple aspect of tower defense games, add in a space theme, and move some things around.  Enemies spawn somewhere in the distance with one goal, to destroy your spaceship, the Space Command One.  In my notes, I title this ship HMS USS Space Command One NC-4460.  Thats beside the point.  We got enemies coming at your home base, and you build turrets to defend.  Build them on your ship, you see, so that the defense can happen. Put all of this in space, give the enemies full movement so they’re not stuck in a pattern, and you got yourself a single point being defended against countless enemies.  With your turrets.  Do you get it yet?

You get a number of turrets for your defense :

Machine Gun Turret – Fires a steady stream of projectiles at any enemies within range.

Missile Turret – Fires an occasional missile that tracks the closest enemy at the moment of firing.

Laser Turret – Occasionally fires a high-powered laser in the direction of the closest enemy, piercing it and any targets beyond it.

Flak Turret – Rapid fire, non tracking, explosive shells that create a barrier that any enemy would thing twice about going through.  Also useful for disabling enemy missiles!

Aircraft Launch Tube – Launches fighter ships of your own to destroy your enemies using awesome Pew Pew Pew.


And there you go.  I’m going to put in a sort of salvage system to get scrap from enemies you destroy, an upgrade research system for each turret, etc.  Very fun!


I think you guys get the idea for now.  I already have a good amount of work done on some aspects and I will be posting more information on what has been done and is in the plan soon.  For now, comment, and let me know you’re out there.





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One Response to New Blog

  1. Cat Mackie says:

    Marcin – I LOVE TOWER DEFENSE GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been playing war3 tower defense custom maps for years, and love your concept of moving this to the space dimension. (I especially like the Pew Pew Pew launch tubes!) YAY~!!!

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