Kings of the North – Stickmen Football Week 17

Paper. Pen. Pixel.

It was a nail-biting game (and season), but the Packers managed to pull out a win against the Lions, becoming division champs for the fourth year in a row. And that was even with Rodger’s calf injury making a surprise appearance at the end of the first half AND another fit of stompiness from Ndamukong Suh.

I have to admit, at halftime I thought we’d gotten ourselves into a worst case scenario, where Rodgers was injured and the Packers would lose, thus forfeiting the chance of the bye week Rodgers would need for recovery. Luckily, somehow, Rodgers was able to return and play well enough to secure a ten-point win and some recuperation time. If he doesn’t win MVP this year, I don’t know what more they could want from a player.

Final Score: 30-20 Packers
Final Standing: 12-4, Division Champs

Since the Packers won this week, they will not be playing next…

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New Site is (kinda) live. Needs tweaking.

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Mid Week Update Time!



Welcome to Wednesday, the day that is the mid week, and so, we shall have a mid week update.  Time.  Today, right now, wherever you are, whoever you are.  Today is the day that I will fill you in on what has happened and what will happen this week before the next Weekend Update come Monday.

Now, normally (kinda) I would tell you what I’m going to do this week.  And I will tell you, but, I actually have news on what I did since Monday!  W00t!  Its pretty impressive I was able to get in a few hours of work done, but really it just caused a bunch of problems that I will now have to fix.  So what happened, I am sure everyone is excited to know.  Edge of your seats, I reckon.  Well, I had this idea.  An Idea that a bug is present in my game without my knowing!  I thought…  If my enemies are moving toward my ship, and my ship is moving forward, we are going to run into some serious issues.  The most likely result will be that I’ll end up with a string of enemies behind the main ship with my turrets and all that stuff shooting backwards, taking them out, while the ship moves forward.  This can of course be easily circumvented by just not moving the main ship, but where is the fun in that?  Plus, once I get into the retail finished version, I’m going to run into much bigger problems since I want to allow ship movement in general, not just on a pre-defined path like I am doing it now.

So, being the clever goose that I am, I decided to test this eventuality.  Put some simple movement code on my ship, and press play.  SHIT.  Ship moves just fine, but my turret spawn points in all of their spawning glory just stay there, hovering, in space.  Alone.  Ship is gone. Panic sets in.  I need to attach my spawnpoints to my ship somehow.  How do I do it..  Easy, just make em child objects.  BAM.  Done, 2 minute fix.  Press play.  Everything moves together.  Success!

Wait?  What is this?  I can’t make turrets any more!?  How did this happen?  Did it happen when I made my spawners child objects?  Some quick testing confirmed that it is in fact the case.  This is no good.  I can’t spawn turrets if I want my ship to move.  I need to fix this.  How do I fix this?  Well… I need to make sure my clicks get through on the spawners.  What I need, is a user interface.  I need a big, scary, GUI on the side of my game (or bottom, as it will probably end up) to control everything.  This is a big project, much bigger than what I wanted to do this week.  I wanted a nice, easy week of doing some menus and some ship movement.  Now, my weekend is going to consist of a huge GUI re-write.  Fun.

So what am I doing this week?  (point of this post, afterall)

  1. GUI.  Big project, but needs to be done.  Within that plan, I am going to split a GUI into 3 seperate parts, one for ship progress and info, one for turret spawning / upgrading, and one for enemy info.  This way I’ll be able to add a lot of cool functionality, such as spawning turrets on a spawn point, or, picking a spawn point and then a turret.  Both ways will work.  Get some turret upgrades done.  I don’t have much control over ammo and things like that, but, I think that I can set up very simple turret upgrades for the Alpha.  Things such as turret range, damage, etc.  Going to get all that working, have some enemy stats like number of enemies, wave, and some general buttons to skip to the next wave (if you’re feeling cocky) etc.  Also going to put in some general ship information such as Health, percentage through the level, current level path, etc.
  2. That first one is a doozy.  What else am I going to do?  Staying with my GUI theme, I’m finally going to put in some menus.  For now I’ll put in a start menu, to start the game.  And an exit button maybe.  If I feel sure of myself.  Eitherway, this is the “small” part of my plan for this week.


And that’s basically all that I want to get done.  If I can get all of this done by Monday, I’m going to be in a REALLY good spot for next week.  After the GUI and such mess is cleared up, all that is left is getting enemy waves / stats / powers all cleared up and figured out.  But thats just playing around with numbers until everything works.  Get the resources system cleared up so everything matches the way it should.  Pop in some different levels.  For now, different levels are mostly going to be aesthetically different with different skyboxes and color schemes.  But, providing all of that works, we are well on our way for January 31st release.  And even if I only manage to get one level working, I’m still going to post it.  I think that’s what he would have wanted.


Until Friday, stay safe everyone.




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Weekend Update : 1-15-11

Hello and welcome back!


I managed to get some site views since last update last Wednesday, and I really don’t know how that happened.  It was probably me just logging on to different computers, but, for now I’ll pretend people read this thing.  So, first of all, I apologize for the lack of a Feature Friday post last week.  I did write part of one, and it started getting bigger and bigger and I realized I hadn’t fully thought through all of the stuff that was going into it.  So I figured 2/3 posts a week isn’t bad and left it at that.  And now that we’re back to our regularly featured Weekend Update update, lets get back to what we talk about on Mondays.  PROGRESS!

What did I do?  Not as much as I wanted, but more than I thought I’d get done.  Lets go through everything!

First of all, I never got around to make a space skybox.  I changed the skybox color to black, thats kinda close.  Now all I need are stars!  I’m going to definitely do a full on skybox this week, and most likely do something so that when the main ship moves through space the space crap also moves so it actually looks like you’re moving.  I doubt it will work right away but eventually I’ll get that part done.  Either way, Skybox = not done, but getting closer.  Its a small task so I haven’t bothered with putting it in yet.

Second, machine gun turrets!  This is where I spent most of my work this week, and boy howdy, is it sweet.  I completely re-wrote the aiming code that the machine gun uses so it has a much better defined arc of movement.  Then I re-wrote the shooting code so it follows the same arc and still has shot tracking.  For SOME reason its still not hitting under certain circumstances.  I honestly don’t know what the deal with it is.  But, in the end, its aiming, and shooting, much better than before.  And not only that, its actually a reliable way to clear out some enemies finally.  So now I can have constantly spawning enemies and a ship full of machine gun turrets will actually destroy some enemies.  Its working!  Its getting there.

Third, resource coding for enemies is in.  Kind of.  It works, it costs you 100 credits to make a turret, and each enemy killed gives you 500 credits.  Not quite perfect yet, as I need to work out the actual values for all of this stuff eventually, prolly at the end, but for now it is working.  Your credits increase as you’re killing tons of enemies to huge amounts.  That will in theory all be fixed once resources actually matter.  In the end, I want someone to be able to deploy two turrets to start out with, but not be able to afford another one until at least the 3rd wave of enemies or something like that.  I figure if I can work out the money to work correctly, it will be sweet.  Until then, its in game now, the enemies have a worth so you get the correct amount of credits per kill.   Plus, I added a cute little “credits: xxx” thing on the top of the screen to tell you how many credits you have.

And finally, enemy spawn code.  This one worked out really well actually, as when I was testing my new machine gun turret I had to make sure that enemies spawned only on one side.  So I put in some Spawn Variance variables that give a random number, and then add that random number onto the position of the object that is spawning.  My spawner, if you will.  Now, if I spawn 500 enemies, they all appear within a nice cube around the spawn point.  Not a sphere as originally intended, but, now I can move the spawn point wherever I want and the enemies spawn around that point.  And I can make the spawn point a child of the main ship so whenever I move the main ship, the enemies spawn where they should.  It was a simple change, and a fun one cause I did it by way of making something else better.

There we go, thats an update on everything I worked on this weekend.  I’m going to upgrade the Current Game Progress page to better reflect where we’re at with development, but, I think we’re moving along at a pretty good clip!  At this rate, I should be able to release the Alpha come January 31st without issue.  I might even add some extra things that i didn’t originally intend to be in the Alpha if I have time.  Things like turret upgrades.  You guys would love some type of turret upgrades, wouldn’t you?

Thats it for this Weekend Update, I’ll maybe put up some screenshots later, we will see.  Until then, be safe everyone.  I’ll be back on Wednesday with an agenda for this upcoming week.




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Mid Week Update Time!


Welcome to the new and improved mid week update time! Normally around this time I would give you all some kind of excuse as to why nothing has been done.  And I’d try to cover it up by spouting out non-sense about what I may or may not have done, usually erring on the side of having not actually done anything.  That would, and prolly did, suck for you all.  So, starting this week, my mid week update posts will be shorter, more to the point, and focus on the important things.  This is the space where I will tell you what I plan on doing.

So, what am I planning on getting done this week?

  1. Machine gun turret fixes.  This machine gun turret is awesome, but there are some problems with it.  It rotates weirdly, it shoots through the main ship, and it misses.  Missing is fine, it can’t always hit, but this was an actual problem.  As in, it shoots poorly.  So, I’m going to fix it and make it better in the process.  For now, I’m going to reduce the amount of turrets to 1 from 2, but I’ll make it infinitely adjustable and get rid of my current code that switches turrets.  Its poorly done and only supports two turrets, so adding more for turret upgrades would have required a complete re-write anyway.  So i’ll just get it taken care of now, and make it so it actually hits better.
  2. Some kind of space skybox.  If you saw my screenshots (below), you see the current backdrop is a very lively blue puke color.  It sucks.  I’m going to make some kind of very basic space skybox so that it looks like we’re in space.
  3. Fix the enemy spawn code so it uses multiple spawn points with a random variance around it.  Instead of now, where it spawns in a weird hemisphere around the origin. Its going to spawn in a random point around pre defined points around the ship.  It’ll look better and will give me the ability to actually make the main ship move while keeping enemies spawning around the ship.
  4. Resource coding.  Gonna put in some UI stuff that will tell you how many resources you have, and change the turret spawn buttons to include a price in spawning a new turret.  This way, as you kill enemies, they give you credits.  It costs credits to create turrets.  Money makes the world go round.

Alright, thats 4 things I want to get done by next Monday.  And if I do, I will be WAY well on my way to a playable alpha version.  This, is going to be awesome.

Until Friday, take care everyone and don’t be a dick.



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Weekend Update : 1-8-11


Another weekend, another set of updates for everyone to see!  Also, I updated the Current Game Progress page! This week its good news though, so, thats promising.  The good news is that on Friday and Saturday I managed to get a lot of awesome work done on SCO, making it closer to a real game than ever before! w00t!

EDIT – As promised (at the bottom of the post), here is a nice gallery of screenshots.  Check the descriptions of each for more details!

And for the first time ever, I can legitimately say that when I hit “play” in my Unity editor, I can actually play the game.  Yes, thats right, this thing is basically playable like you wouldn’t believe.  Its still missing a lot of stuff, of course, such as a fail condition.  Or a win condition.  And A LOT of other stuff that I can’t even begin to imagine.  However, the list of things that work is growing and the list of things that still need to get done is shrinking.  If that’s not good progress, I don’t know what is.  Enough beating about the bush, lets talk about all the awesome things I did and the problems I ran into while doing so.

First of all, I did some awesome stuff with the GUI!  As in, some functions now have a GUI.  So now, when you press one of the turret selection spots, instead of nothing happening, two buttons pop up.  One button says MG, the other says MT.  MG = machine gun, MT = Missile Turret.  Before this is released in alpha I’m going to replace these buttons with icons that will be described within game, but, for my own testing purposes MG and MT are fine.  I also added some cool things to that, such that if you click on a turret spawn and later decide you don’t want to spawn a turret, you can right-click or press escape and the selection buttons disappear.  How is that for awesome?  Now for the problem I am running into..  If you click on a turret spawn point, the buttons pop up, but if you don’t click a button they stay there (that’s fine…) but if you click on another turret spawn point, a second set of buttons pops up.  Its kind of a mess right now, but, I got some ideas on how to fix it.  Also in the pipeline is a way to make it so buttons don’t appear if you click on a spawn point that is behind an object.  Thats less of an issue, but still something to consider.

Second, I got some awesome turrets working along with turret spawning.  Now, when you click the button (MT or MG) the appropriate turret type spawns!  W00t!  Another great achievement.  I put in some realish code for spawning missiles and shooting the machine guns too, so that works now.  I have a delay on the missile shooting thats adjustable, and I changed the missile tracking code quite a bit so that the missiles look awesome.  Put in some trails and flurishes, and everything looks awesome.  Machine guns still need some work.  I am using my old code for machine gun aiming / targeting, but, it doesn’t quite look right.  I need to work out a better way to have an aiming cone that stops the turret from shooting through the ship.  I think I’m going to need to remake my stand in machine gun model to be a bit less complex and only use 1 turret instead of the two I am using currently.  It just doesn’t quite work the way I want it to.  Oh well, thats life I guess.  Its better to get these major tweaks out-of-the-way now as I go along.

Third, I added some VERY basic enemy spawn code.  Right now, I have an object that spawns a number of enemies (adjustable) every time a timer (also adjustable) reaches zero.  And they spawn in a big hemisphere around the 0,0,0 point in the world.  So I need to fix it so it spawns it around the ship, rather than around the origin of the game world.  The enemies are pretty sweet, I guess.  They’re spheres.  Not gonna lie, they’re just spheres.  And they have very simple code, they fly toward your main ship.  Eventually I’ll put in some collisions so they explode on impact and do some damage (fail condition go!) but for now they just fly through the main ship and move on with their lives.  Move on right back toward the ship HAHA.  Yes.  But no, seriously, they do spawn, they do fly toward the ship, and they are targeted by the turrets.  As of right now, they are much more effectively handled by the missiles than the machine gun which, even though it hits usually, still has some weird aiming issues.  I also put in a basic health code for the enemies such that they have a death condition, and I made it so my missiles do damage as do my bullets.  Right now the missiles do 150 damage, machine gun bullets do 25 damage a piece.  The standard enemy currently has 500 health.  So you can imagine how that works. I added some cute little explosions for the bullets hitting the enemies, and for the missiles hitting the enemies.  To be honest, it’s quite nice seeing a bunch of missiles flying around, hitting targets, going BOOM.  There are even situations where a missile would hit a target right before it would hit the mainship, and it felt like a win.  And that feeling is awesome.

Thats what I got done this weekend, and everything is starting to look more awesome than ever.

In other housekeeping news, Alpha release is still planned for end of January.  I should put some kind of timer on the site, I guess. Also, I think I’m going to change my Mid Week Update Time! posts from being a mid-week update of what I’ve done, to an update of what I want to get done in the next week.  This way, every week you’ll get an update on what I’ve done, an update with what I’m going to be working on, and a bigger feature.  Also starting this week, more screenshots!  Now that everything is working in a semblance of a game, we can actually start getting some images out to you people on a regular basis.

Also, important news, is that the Kongregate Unity game contest deadline is February 15th, with voting ending February 22nd.  That means, I have until the 15th to polish my alpha to the point where people will love it.  Hopefully by then I’ll be able to submit it and get EVERYONE I know to promote it and vote and play it.  Because top 10 games get money, and, if I get money, then that’s sweet.

I’ll post some screenshots soon, stay tuned.  See you on Wednesday.



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Feature Friday : Alpha Gameplay

Hello and welcome to another exciting installment of Feature Friday!

As you can see, from the title, right up there, this week I’m going to wax poetic at you about the gameplay in the Alpha Version of Space Command One.  I know, gameplay isn’t technically a feature, but I’ve been thinking a lot about what is going to be included in the Alpha vs Beta vs Retail, I figured I might as well get some of this written out.  And, what better place to write it out than my blog!?

Some housekeeping stuff this Friday..  No new updates on Current Game Progress. Not so much I haven’t done anything, but I haven’t finished anything that I can legitimately cross off the list.  Tomorrow I should have lots of new updates and come Monday everything should be up to date on the site.  Other news, I figured out whats legitimately going to be in the Alpha.  Thats a step, and I decided that Alpha should be done by the end of January. Yep.  End of January.  Thats my plan at least.  That means, that on Monday, January 31st, I will be releasing the Alpha version of SCO on this here site! w00t!  That is quite exciting.  Though Alpha won’t be nearly as good as Beta, or Final (Retail) version, everyone can still get ready for it.

And whats the best way to get ready for something like that?  Obviously to read a Feature Friday entry on what to expect. So lets get right to it, Gameplay.

First of all, this is strictly a tower defense project when it comes to the Alpha.  That means all that cool stuff that I really want to do eventually… is going to have to wait.  Just turrets.  Thats all you get.  You barely even get enemies!  Actually, thats a lie.  You don’t get enemies.  You get obstacles.  But lets start from the beginning.

You start the game up, we got some sweet loading screens.  Actually, not that many and not that sweet.  Just the Unity loading screen.  Should be “fixed” by the time I can afford to buy Unity Pro, but, thats more for retail.  You’re going to have to deal with the Unity loading screen while I’m still in Alpha and possibly the Beta / Flash release.  You get to the main menu, and you’ll have some options.  Very simple options, either start game, or credits.  Credits will tell you all who worked on the game, and Start Game will start the game.  I recommend the start game option.

Artist's rendition of SCO Alpha's gameplay map.


You will be taken to the “staging” area for Mission 1.  From there, you can choose to either move rightward, toward the Blistering Skies, or to the left, the Isles of Loneliness.  Depending on which choice you go with, you’ll go in a different direction.  Whichever way you decide to go, the enemies and their patterns will be the same.  However, once you get into the 2nd stage (either the Blistering Skies or the Isles of Loneliness), they will be different.  Once you reach the end, and move to the 2nd stage, you’ll have more options.  In the Skies you will either go to the Pharaoh Asteroid Belt, or the Calm Sea Nebula.  If you went with the Isles, you will either go to the Stability Zone, or the Ancient Shipyard.

If you didn’t get it already, I’m putting in a branching mission structure.  That means on multiple plays you can take different directions.  Only the first stage is guaranteed.  I’ll call that Stage Homeland or something silly.  It doesn’t really matter in the long run.  Each “stage” will have a different theme, and for the beta that means it will look differently.  Also, depending on which way you go, the enemies will come in different patterns and such.

So, mission structure, what about enemies?  Well, as I said before, I’m only putting in one type of enemy into the Alpha, and to be honest, its mostly going to be flying at your ship.  And it will hit you, if you let it.  By that I mean, don’t build any defenses.  Now, I’m sure you’re all going to build defenses since its a tower defense game.  As the Alpha, there is no real fail condition.  You could build no defenses and the enemies will all run into your ship, and you won’t get any points, but, you won’t lose.  I know, its not very game like, but, its a work in progress.  Alpha is just there for the basics of the basics.  And Player ship health is not necessary yet.  Your enemies will have health, and you will destroy them, for points and resources, but you will just go on.  I’ll most likely put in a fail condition pretty quickly, but I want to do it right, and that takes time.  If I finish this before my deadline, I will see.

Points and Resources you say!?  Yes, like any good game, even alpha, we will have points and resources available.  I know I had talked about a salvage system and stuff, but really, thats not necessary for the Alpha.  As enemies spawn, they will have health, a point value, and a resource value.  With each subsequent wave, those three values will be increased. And, you’ll use these resources to build your turrets, you’ll use the points to try to beat your friends, and the enemy health is self explanatory.

So how do you get the points from your enemies?  You destroy them before they hit your ship!! HOW!?  With turrets! As I have stated before, and as you can see on my progress page, only two turret types made the cut for the Alpha.  The Machine Gun Turret and the Missile Turret.  Both are self explanatory, and, they have their own Feature Friday pages so you can read up on them. Not going to put much into an upgrade system for the Alpha, aka, no upgrade system.  But, they will shoot things, and it will be glorious.  Plus, its going to look as awesome as placeholder graphics can.

Other features of the Alpha that you might be interested in…

Pause menu!  Pause and resume your game – Also, view a map of the path you took.  Maybe.

Controls! Pick one of two different turrets to build in each expansion slot, or destroy the one thats currently there to build a new one!

Graphics!  They exist.  Pan around your ship, watch the action from all angles, and try to suspend disbelief as enemies spawn from nowhere!

Thats what we got this week for Feature Friday!  I hope everyone is as excited for this Alpha as I am.  Its going to be awesome.



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Mid Week Update Time!


Another mid week, another update.  I don’t know why I do two updates a week, in addition to a Feature Friday post.  I mean, the Friday post is different because it talks more about a concept and idea, but why two updates?  I don’t know.  I originally started the mid week update so that people know where I am by mid week, but I tend not to have much time to work on the game between Monday and Wednesday, so the update gets pushed off til Thursday.  And even then it rarely has useful information.  So, I don’t know why I do it.  Just to stay active, I suppose.  The more often I get people here, the more work I do.  If you haven’t already, you should make it a habit to check the Game Progress Page every new post to see where I’m at with things.  There have been some developments on the SCO front since Monday this week, so, at least we have a legitimate update post.  No images this time, but really I think its too early in the game to start talking about screenshots and demos.  Once I get alpha up and running, there will be more stuff up here.  Until then, everyone is just going to have to wait.  If you really want it, the demo is still out there, still waiting to be downloaded.

Onto what I’ve done and am happy about in terms of progress.  First and foremost, I finally moved from my FirstUnityTests project and SCOTests scene, to a brand new SCOAlpha Project and a “Workbox” Scene.  The workbox scene is where I’m going to put everything together, then I as I finish things up I can just rename it to whatever it is (Level 1, Menu, etc).  Second, I did the first big part of getting my Alpha Build working.  Its not big as in hard to implement or big as in the amount of work it took, I mean big as in a big deal.  I got a working camera! W00t w00t.  Now, if you hold down the left CTRL and the left mouse button, you can rotate around your main ship.  Right now the main ship is just a cube I put in there, but, by this weekend I should have a stand-in model for the main ship.  Nothing too fancy, just something for the Alpha.  Anyway, providing you press the right buttons (hah) you can rotate the camera.  Left, right, rotate it around the ship.  I put in some limitations, such that you can’t move below the horizontal of the cube (since all of my “game” I want to happen above the horizontal) and I put in an upper angle limit so we needn’t worry about the camera going somewhere off upside down past the 90 degree point.  I made it 75 degrees and it seems to be working fine.  Also put in some code that the mouse wheel will allow you to zoom.  Not sure if I’ll get to it during the Alpha build, but I should make zooming and camera rotating also work with the keyboard, just in case someone doesn’t like using the mouse.

What else is new?  Hm..  I found an awesome program to make some Skyboxes.  Its called Spacescape and is freeware, though I want to give props to the creator because though its complicated, it’ll allow me to focus on programming SCO and not worrying about how to freakin create a skybox image.  And it automatically lines up the images, that’s useful. I also checked off some other things on my to do list such as a loading screen.  Right now, its the basic Unity loading screen and until I make enough money to purchase Unity Pro, I’m going to have to stick with it.  It’ll be ok for now, and hopefully I can make the money required by the time I actually want to make this a whole big thing.  Point is, the loading screen is good enough for now.

Thats about everything thats exciting, for now.  I got some good ideas about where I want this game to end, and I think it’ll be more like Homeworld than originally planned.  Which is awesome.  I’ll explain it all more as we get closer to release.  Its still a ways away.

Plans for this week / weekend :

  • Get a stand in model for the Main Player Ship
  • Get spawnable turrets for the main ship
  • Get some enemies spawning done

Next update.. Friday.  Until then, stay safe everyone.



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Weekend Update : 1-1-11

Hello and welcome to GBM Productions, 2011 version!

This kitten is wishing you a happy new year on behalf of GBM Productions. Cats cannot talk, so they create hats to express their opinions.

In case you don’t want to read this whole post, important thing is new page here.

Yes, its the same.  Get over it.  Not a big report this time, since we had a pretty hectic weekend with the new year and all that.  Really, wasn’t that hectic, but, it was a vacation weekend so I didn’t get much done.  However, I did talk to some peoples about the Demo we had released last Friday.  Speaking of which, I’m sorry I didn’t get to write a Feature Friday last week, as things were too busy.  However, I did post a demo, so that should be enough to tide you over until this upcoming Friday.  Anyway, the demo.  I got some feedback, lets see what people said!

“Why can’t I press two buttons at once to make the ship turn on two different axis?”

Well, I didn’t know how to do that.  Actually, I didn’t know I had to specifically give it the ability to do that, I figured if I can turn it one way, and another way, it would work to do both if you pressed both buttons.  Unfortunately, that appears not to be the case.  Not a big deal, since the fighter ship turning ability isn’t really essential or at all a part of the final product.

“I didn’t get a chance to download it yet!!!!! Sad face”

What are you waiting for!?  Download it right now! And have fun.  Don’t forget about the spinning with Q/E.  Or check the blog post associated with the download for more information!

“I downloaded your demo but I don’t get it.  It turns fine but when I press CTRL it just goes flying off the screen, and I need to press R to reset it.  How is this a game?”

Yeah, its not a game 😦  Its more of just a tech demo for the fighter ship.  Which isn’t even going to be in the initial Alpha release.  I had just been working on it so I figured I’d post something.

And now, for some other news.  Since I don’t have much of an update on the game from this weekend, and there really hasn’t been anything new that was done, what do I really have to tell you this week.  Why am I writing this post at all?  Well, for a number of reasons.  First of all, I want to keep updating so I keep getting people coming here, which is essential for my self worth as a human being.  Second of all, I did talk to one person about the demo and we talked about where I should go from here.  We both decided that this whole working on bits and pieces of the game is fun and all, but, this whole thing has the ability to just spiral out of control and never get done.  And no one wants an unfinished game just hanging over their heads.  So, in lieu of an actual update this week, I bring you…  The Game Progress Page!!

That sweet link, my friends, is a list I have compiled of what I want to get done for both the Alpha version of SCO and the Beta version.  Now, beta is quite a ways off for now, so the details a bit sketchy.  Though I did add a bunch of things that I know I’m going to need, that there list is going to be updated as we get closer.  Once the Alpha version is done.  The trick is, now that I have an actual list of stuff I need to get done, I can work on this more as a complete game rather than a series of bits and pieces.  I’ll check things off on that list as I do them, and eventually re-update the list with more information on the Beta, and what is going to actually make it into the full game.  For now, keep an eye on the Alpha list and see where I’m at.  As time goes on, I’ll add some kind of clever thermometer or something so people can just see a percentage rather than look at the long list.

Alright, I think thats about it for me this week.  I know its a short post this week, but, we got a lot of information in that current game checklist page, so check that out for more details.  As always, comment, share, etc etc etc.



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Pre Alpha Demo Download Available Now!

Hey cats and kittens!

Good news!  SCO Pre Alpha Demo is now ready!  DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!!!

Demo Preview!

 The controls are right there, in that picture.  Also, within the game itself.  And don’t forget, Q/E allows you to spin, and is also stopped by spacebar just like any other rotation.

Keep in mind that due to a lack of a host,I am just putting this file on Mediafire.  Yes, its not the best, but what can you do?  You should be able to download the zip directly from them.  Don’t download any installers they might give you, any tool bars, weird programs, etc etc etc.  Just don’t do it.  Download the file.  Thats all.

Now here is what you do :

Down load the zip from one of the links above.

Unzip the file wherever you’d like.  I usually just put it on my desktop, but whatever you want.  Just make sure you unzip it to a folder, or else you’ll have the files just sitting around wherever.

You’ll have a .html file and a .unity3d file.  The unity3d file is the actual game, but you access it via the html file.  So just double click on that, it should open up in your favorite web browser.  Then play!

If for some odd reason you don’t have the Unity Web Player, which is necessary to play, the html file should have a link to download it.  Don’t worry, its safe, its just a plug in.  Here is the link to the web player just incase you feel proactive and want to install it before you get the demo.

There ya go!

If you feel like it, do comment.  If the link stops working, comment.  Or Email me, or facebook, or twitter @GBMProd.  Whatever you guys want.




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